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Furoshiki Bags

VIDEO: How to make the Modern Girl Furoshiki Bag Kit with Ring Handles

Here is an easy-to-follow video to help you create our gorgeous furoshiki bag kit with ring handles in moments!

VIDEO: How to make a Leaf bag and an Odekake bag

First up is an easy-to-follow video to help you create an elegant leaf bag in moments! It's perfect for shopping, or carrying sports kit, whether on your shoulder or across your chest. The second video develops the leaf bag - by tying one extra knot it becomes a stylish accessory, tucking away your items. You can make your furoshiki bag any way you like, according to your day!

VIDEO: How to make a Tote bag

Just follow these simple steps, and you'll have a gorgeous, unique, Kyoto furoshiki tote bag in moments to enjoy!

Furoshiki bags: How to make a Leaf bag and Odekake bag

Japanese furoshiki eco friendly bag A large 104cm Isa Monyo reversible furoshiki created the stylish Leaf bag in the top photo, with just three simple knots. Using just one more knot, we turned the Leaf bag into an Odekake bag (second photo). Here we've used our 104cm Isa Monyo Reversible furoshiki in Knot Blue/Orange. To create a smaller furoshiki bag, just use a smaller furoshiki! furoshiki workshop You can find a helpful video and diagrams for creating perfect furoshiki knots here in our Furoshiki Tutorials. The more you practise, the easier it gets - you'll be making beautiful , practical furoshiki bags in no time!

Furoshiki bags: How to make a Kinchaku bag and a Tote bag

furoshiki eco-friendly bag A Kinchaku bag is a cute hand bag that can open and close! How to make a Kinchaku bag: 1. Lay your furoshiki square reverse-side up. 2. Tie the two bottom corners A and B in a simple knot, and gently pull the ends outwards so that the fabric comes together. 3. Turn the fabric around and repeat for corners C and D, ensuring that the ends are the same length. 4, Now, take the two ends C and A, and tie them together in a neat square knot. 5. Repeat with B and D. 6. Bring the two handles together, and gently shake your bag to shape it. You're ready to go! The kinchaku bag can be opened by simply pushing the opening apart with your spread hands. It can be closed again by gently pulling the handles horizontally away from the centre. How to make a Tote bag: To make the tote bag instead, tie ends A and B together, and ends C and D together. Pretty, isn't it!

Furoshiki bags: How to make a Book bag

This has to be the cutest book bag ever! It swings in your fingers as you walk! All it takes is one medium or large furoshiki, some simple folding and two knots. Now your books can be handily carried anywhere! Here we've used our 70cm Modern Girl Stripe furoshiki. furoshiki book bag How to make a Book bag: 1. Place your furoshiki in a diamond-shape, reverse side up. 2. Place your two books either side of the centre, with a small gap between them. 3. Roll your books away from the centre, until there is a small triangle of fabric to begin wrapping them with. 4. Now, roll your books in the fabric, back towards the centre. 5. When your books are central, rotate the whole furoshiki so that it is horizontal, and easier to work with! 6. There will be excess fabric on the left side and right side. Fold the right side fabric into the middle so that it creates a point, just like you would do if you were making a paper aeroplane. 7. Repeat on the left side. You now have two neat straps of fabric. 8. In the centre channel between your books, cross the two straps of fabric, and then scoop them upwards, so that your wrapped books fall together. 9. All you have to do now is tie a neat double knot (you can find tutorials at the top of the Furoshiki Tutorials list!), and your cute Book bag is ready to go! We would love to see your photos of your gorgeous furoshiki bags and wraps! Do get in touch! :)

Furoshiki bags: How to make a Watermelon bag

furoshiki knotwrap bag The watermelon bag can be made out of all sizes of furoshiki. Here we're using our 48cm Isa Monyo Reversible furoshiki in Japanese Apricot Blue/Beige to carry a bowl of grapes! Like all furoshiki wraps, it's simple and it's easy: once I started wrapping with furoshiki I wondered why I ever used plastic bags! furoshiki knotwrap bag

Furoshiki bags: How to make a Lesson bag

furoshiki eco-friendly bag The lesson bag is a quick and easy wrap for carrying music books, text books, magazines, or a spare jumper! Here we've made it in our 104cm Isa Monyo reversible furoshiki in Knot Navy/Orange :) furoshiki bag How to make a Lesson bag: 1. Lay out your furoshiki in a diamond-shape, reverse side up. 2. Place your book on the horizontal central line in the middle of the furoshiki. 3. Now being the bottom corner (B) up and over the book, so that it aligns with the top corner (A). 4. Gather up the left and right corners (C and D) in each hand, and tie a square knot, pulling it gently vertically in the usual way. You can find out how to tie a square knot at the top of the Furoshiki Tutorials listing :) 5. Lastly, return to the top corners A and B, and tie a small, neat square knot. Your bag is ready to go! Wasn't that easy! :) furoshiki eco-friendly cloth bag

Gift wraps

VIDEO: Furoshiki gift-wrapping - Simple wrap and Flower wrap

Learn here how to make elegant gift-wrapping that demonstrates thought and care. This flower wrap is one of my very favourite furoshiki wraps. It's very beautiful, and it's so easy to create! Here we've made the flower wrap from our 70cm Modern Girl Stripe furoshiki. It's perfect for a birthday present, isn't it!

Gift wrap 4: Leaf wrap

furoshiki fabric giftwrap I love this style of furoshiki gift wrap. It's so effective, it makes a big impression, but with a little care it's very simple to achieve! Our 48cm Adeline Klam Organic furoshiki in Peony Blue created this stunning look, with just one simple knot! furoshiki how-to How to make Leaf gift-wrapping: 1. Place your giftbox in the centre of yourdiamond-shaped furoshiki. The reverse side should be facing uppermost. 2. Bring the two corners (A and B) on the top and bottom corners of the box together, above it. 3. Slide your left hand firmly down A and B until it sits on the top of the box, gripping the two straps of fabric securely. 4. Now, raise the right hand corner (D) to join A and B (which you are holding in your left hand), but as you do so, tuck in the edges near to the corners of the box. This will create a neat, attractive fold. 5. Continue holding the three furoshiki ends firmly on top of the box, making sure it is central. 6. Reach for corner C, on the left-hand side of the box, and bring it up and around the bottom of the three straps of fabric, between your left hand and the top of the box. 7. Tie a single knot to secure the furoshiki leaf style, and pull it tightly. 8. Now you can gently pull on each of the three 'leaves', to neaten up the gift-wrapping. Check your gift-wrapping to make sure it looks lovely! 9. Your present is ready to amaze your loved one! If the three ends of the furoshiki are too long, why not take each point and tuck it into the centre of the knot! This will create a pretty flower shape :)

Gift wrap 2: Ribbon wrap

This adorable ribbon wrap is made from a 48cm furoshiki, and is perfect for wrapping a small book or a small box of chocolates. Our larger 70cm furoshiki can wrap a larger gift-box and creates gorgeous ribbon wrap too! furoshiki workshop How to Ribbon wrap: 1. Lay out your furoshiki so that it is reverse side up, and diamond-shaped. 2. Position your gift half-way along the edge between corners A and D. 3. Now, move it across to the centre and down, for about the depth of the box. 4. Roll the box over, taking care to keep it in line. 5. Fold corner B over your gift, and if there is excess fabric, neatly tuck it under. 6. Fold the left corner C across your gift as far as it will go. You made need to pleat the bottom corner a little to create a neat edge. 7. Keeping the furoshiki securely positioned, roll the box over. 8. Fold edge A - D over so that the fold is across the top right corner of your gift. 9. Gather up A in your left hand, and end D in your right hand, and tie a granny knot at the angle shown in the illustration. You can tighten it by tugging D towards the top left corner, and A towards the bottom right corner. 10. Now complete the knot by tying it into a neat square knot. (There is information on how to tie a square knot here on the Furoshiki Tutorials page). 11. Tease out the two ends of the knot at their base, to make them leaf-like. If the furoshiki is reversible, gently twist the ends so that the reverse side is uppermost - the contrast looks very attractive! You now have a beautifully wrapped present to give - furoshiki really do make a present special!

Gift wrap 1: Simple wrap

furoshiki giftwrap This beautiful furoshiki wrap is simple and elegant. It's also a good starter wrap if you're new to furoshiki! Here we've wrapped our gift using the beautiful 70cm Hare Tsutsumi Seven Treasures in White/Red. I love all of our furoshiki, but our Hare Tsutsumi designs are extra special - they glimmer in the light! They're gorgeous wraps for special presents :) furoshiki giftwrap

Gift wrap 5: Bunny wrap

Japanese furoshiki fabric giftwrap Everyone always loves this wrap at my furoshiki workshops! It's a very cute way of wrapping a small present, such as a jar of home-made jam, or a boxed candle. You'll need a small 48cm furoshiki to wrap your gift. The furoshiki pictured was given to me when I learned my furoshiki wrapping skills in Kyoto. Now, every time I use it I think of all the lovely people I met :) furoshiki workshop How to make a Bunny wrap: 1. Place your gift in the centre of your square-shaped furoshiki, which is reverse-side up. 2.Lift up all 4 corners of the furoshiki and raise your gift above the table. This is to ensure that your gift is central! 3. Lay the 4 corners down on the table again. You are ready to start wrapping now! 4. Raise opposite corners A and D, and hold them in your hand as a single strap of fabric. 5. Use this strap of fabric to tie a single knot that is firmly on top of your gift-box, ensuring all the time that the knot is central. You can find out how to tie a Single Knot here in our Furoshiki Tutorials. 6. You'll see two little ends coming out of the knot. These are the bunny's ears. Gently tease them out and shape them. 7. Try and aim for a squarish looking neat knot. This is the head of the bunny! 8. The two loose ends of the furoshiki (B and C) will create a bow tie underneath the bunny's head. 9. Raise up B and C, and cross them over behind the bunny's head, and bring them to the front. 10. Tie a neat square knot so that it sits at the base of the bunny's head. (You can also learn how to make a Square Knot here in Furoshiki Tutorials.) Cute, isn't it!

Gift-wrap 6: Bunny ears wrap

Japanese furoshiki fabric giftwrap This 'bunny ears' wrap looks gorgeous, doesn't it! Here we've wrapped a jar of home-made jam using our popular 48cm Isa Monyo furoshiki in Chrysanthemum. All of our Isa Monyo furoshiki are reversible, and this one is purple on one side, and a duck-egg blue on the other. The gift looks even more attractive when the reverse colourway shows through!

Gift wrap 8: Double bottle wrap

furoshiki bottle giftwrap This double bottle furoshiki wrap is a perfect way to carry two bottles to a party or a picnic, and it's great fun to make! Here we've used our 90cm Yumeji Takehisa furoshiki in Camellia Gray. furoshiki how-to

Gift wrap 9: Bento wrap

This cute bento wrap is traditionally used to carry a lunchbox ( bento) in Japan, but it's excellent for carrying a giftbox, some plates for a picnic, or even a pie! Japanese furoshiki bento giftwrap

Gift wrap 7: Single bottle wrap

furoshiki bottle giftwrap A furoshiki single bottle wrap is a perfect way to gift-wrap a bottle in a neat and attractive way! Use a 70cm furoshiki to wrap a bottle of wine :) How to make a single bottle wrap: 1. Lay your furoshiki in a diamond-shape, reverse side up. 2. Place your bottle on its side, so that the centre of the bottle is in the centre of the furoshiki. 3. Bring up the bottom corner (B) to cover the bottle (any excess fabric can be tucked under its cap). 4. Repeat the process by bringing the top corner (A) down to cover the bottle. 5. Now, hold the bottle and the wrap securely, while gathering the excess fabric that is on the right-hand side, to the central point against the side of the bottle. 6. Repeat on the left-hand side. You now have two straps of gathered fabric in the middle of the bottle. 7. Twist the two straps of fabric around each other, pulling them so that they are secure, and gently lift the bottle so that you can reach the two straps of fabric around to the front of the bottle. 8. Now tie a neat square knot in the centre of the front of the bottle. Isn't it pretty!

Gift wrap 3: Poppy wrap

We think this little furoshiki flower looks just like a poppy! This beautiful gift-wrapping is very similar to Ribbon Wrap. Instead of tying a pretty bow with the two straps of gathered fabric at the end, you simply secure the ends with a double-looped elastic band. Then you can thread each end through one loop, and create two sides of a cute flower! This adorable gift-wrapping is made from a 48cm furoshiki, and is perfect for wrapping a small book or a small box of chocolates. Our larger 70cm furoshiki can wrap a larger gift-box and creates gorgeous flower wraps too!

Other furoshiki decorations

VIDEO: How to tie the two furoshiki knots beautifully

Here you can learn the simple art of furoshiki knot tying, which will enable you to achieve beautiful results for your furoshiki gift-wrapping and bags. There are just two knots that you need to learn in order to create your own beautiful furoshiki styles - the single knot, and the double knot. As well as tihis helpful video, we have provided illustrated diagrams for you below, too, so that you will be making furoshiki in no time! :)

Product care

furoshiki giftwrap Modern Girl, Isa Monyo Reversibles, Yumeji Takehisa and Animal Cochae are all furoshiki made from 100% cotton. It is recommended that these products are gently washed on an eco-cycle at 30 degrees centigrade. Please reshape while damp, and iron on a medium setting, either on the reverse side, or by using a clean tea towel as a protective covering. The Aquadrop Water-repellent furoshiki will have their water-repellent coating revived by carefully applying an iron, on a medium temperature. The Kata Kata Tea Towels are made from 100% cotton on the top side, and rayon on the reverse. Please wash them first and they will begin to soften. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not tumble dry. Of course, all natural materials are flammable, so please keep them away from candles, gas-lit hob flames, open fires, etc. Most of all, enjoy your furoshiki! You are buying a beautiful product that can be reused over and over again, in many different ways!

Furoshiki essentials 1: How to tie a square knot

furoshiki The square knot uses two corners of the furoshiki, which can simply be gathered in each hand. For a neat effect when using large furoshiki, fold the corner in on itself once or twice, in the same way as making a paper aeroplane (fold each side of the corner to the middle, and then repeat). This achieves neat, pointed straps of fabric just like in the photo above. How to tie a square knot: 1. Put the left-hand point (B) across and in front of the right-hand point (A). 2. Bring the point of A forward and under B, so as to make a simple, neat granny knot, keeping the fabric flat and smooth. Shuffle the ends a little, so they regain an equal length. 3. Fold B across the central knot, so that it is horizontal. 4. Fold A vertically down across end B. 5. Push A under B and out through the loop, to make a smooth, square reef knot. 6. Then gently spread both of the ends at the base so that they are pretty and leaf-shaped. If the fabric is reversible, you can twist the ends around so that the reversible side shows uppermost. Perfect! You're now ready to make furoshiki!

Furoshiki essentials 2: How to tie a single knot

furoshiki The single knot uses one corner of the furoshiki. You can gather the corner up in one hand to make the single knot. But if you are using a large furoshiki to make a bag, a neater effect is achieved by folding the corner in on itself, once or twice, as if making a paper aeroplane. (See diagram: Fold each side of the corner to the middle, and repeat). This creates a neat strap of fabric to create your furoshiki style. How to tie a single knot: 1. Lay the gathered furoshiki corner across your palm. 2. Wrap the furoshiki behind your hand and bring the point to the centre of your palm. 3. Tuck the point between the wrap of fabric and your palm, and gently pull it through to make a beautiful, neat, single knot, just like the one in the photograph. Perfect! All you need to know now is how to make the square knot, and you'll be ready to make furoshiki!

VIDEO: Waterproof your basket with the Aquadrop water-repellent furoshiki

Our Aquadrop water-repellent furoshiki is perfect for those rainy days. It's ideal as a picnic rug at events and festivals. If you're painting, model-making, or baking with children, it makes a bright, cheerful, kitchen table covering. Made into a simple leaf bag, it is ideal for swim kit!

VIDEO: A second gorgeous basket-wrap Aquadrop furoshiki video

This video perfectly shows how to use your Aquadrop furoshiki. This technique can be adapted to protect any kind of backpack or case in the rain, too!

VIDEO: Furoshiki wraps to make travel easy

A furoshiki is so easy to fold up and carry with you, that you can always have it to hand!