Pre-order now! Furoshiki-wrapped Chocolate Bonbons!

Irresistable! Our Furoshiki-gift-wrapped chocolates are the perfect gift this Christmas!

What could be nicer this Christmas than gifting a box of artisan hand-made chocolates, wrapped ready-to-give in a beautiful, festive, red and green Kyoto furoshiki?

It's two presents in one! Your special person receives 12 big-flavour, colourful chocolates to enjoy with one of our beautiful, quality, Japanese furoshiki from Kyoto to keep and treasure. This small furoshiki can be folded and tied to create a myriad of imaginative furoshiki styles, over and over again!

We are thrilled to have collaborated with the wonderful Jack of Art Chocolat, to offer you the opportunity of purchasing ready-furoshiki-wrapped boxes of his tasty hand-made chocolate bonbons this Christmas!

The chocolate bonbons come in 2 collections: The Fruity Collection Box and the Chocolatier Collection Box.

The Fruity Collection

Art Chocolat Fruity Collection

These bonbons are made using all the components of quality fresh fruit.

The fruity flavours are:

1. Tropical Tings - Mango and Passionfruit x White Chocolate

2. Rubies and Obsidian - Raspberry x Dark Chocolate

3. Centre Court, Wimbledon - Strawberries and Vanilla x White Chocolate

4. Blueberry Peanut - Blueberry x Peanut

5. Lemon Meringue Pie - Vanilla Marshmallow x Tangy Lemon Ganache

6. Morello Cherry x Amaretto

They are the ideal gift for the fruit lover in your life!

The Chocolatier Collection

Art Chocolat Chocolatier Collection

This box contains 12 of the Art Chocolat 13 feature flavours, which are:

1. Colombian Addiction - 60% Dark Chocolate

2. Rich, Sweet and Gorgeous - Salted Caramel x Milk Chocolate

3. Velvet Vanilla - Vanilla x White Chocolate

4. Absolute Nutter - Hazelnut Gianduja x Milk Chocolate

5. Morello Cherry x Amaretto

6. Tropical Tings’ - Mango and Passionfruit x White Chocolate

7. Almond a Leg - Almonds x Salted Caramel x Milk Chocolate

8. Rubies and Obsidian - Raspberry x Dark Chocolate

9. Centre Court, Wimbledon - Strawberries and Vanilla x White Chocolate

10. Blueberry x Peanut

11. Puns n’ Roses - Rose x Dark Chocolate

12. Single and Aged Well - Single Malt Whiskey x Dark Chocolate

13. Lemon Meringue Pie - Vanilla Marshmallow x Tangy Lemon Ganache

These make the perfect gift for any chocolate lover, sweet adventurer, or somebody who just likes to try new things!

Here you can see the inside packaging, and read a bit about Art Chocolat's founder Jack!

Just to be on the safe side, you can view the ingredients used in these bonbons here. They contain, or they may contain nuts, soya, milk, and gluten.

About our furoshiki

Our chocolate gift-boxes are beautifully wrapped for you. We are using our most popular small 48cm furoshiki which features wintry plum blossom on a reversible background of Christmassy red and green.

Plum blossom is a deeply loved flower in Kyoto, Japan: it has an exquisite scent, and for centuries it has been written about in Japanese literature. Murasaki Shikibu writes in her 11th century novel The Tale of Genji:

The red plum in the garden was so lovely in color

and scent that even the warblers seemed unable to pass by without a song.

What could be nicer than receiving an elegantly wrapped furoshiki present this Christmas?

We will be shipping our furoshiki-wrapped presents from Saturday December 5th this year, and we have limited supplies, so please get your order in early!

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