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Beautiful Blue Snowflower!

blue snowflower furoshiki gift

Hello everyone! We have such exciting news for you! Our Snowflower Pink furoshiki has done so well, we have been able to create it in a new colourway - and we've chosen a beautiful blue!

Nanzen-ji temple Kyoto

two bunny-furoshiki-wrapped presents on a cafe table

Snowflower Blue and Snowflower Pink are made in the beautiful city of Kyoto - the area where furoshiki originated over a thousand years ago!

It was so important to us that our furoshiki are authentic. They have the lovely textured weave that is familiar to Kyoto furoshiki. The beautiful texture adds to the design in the different ways that it catches the light.

It is a delight to fold and tie!

We are very proud that our Snowflower furoshiki are skilfully screen-printed by hand in an artisan workshop in Kyoto.

The immense skill involves the consideration of temperature and humidity, to keep the inks the same shade for every print!

Furoshiki workshop in Kyoto

Our Snowflower furoshiki are skilfully screen-printed by hand in the Kyoto workshop. Isn't this photo amazing! They kindly sent us photos of the process, and we were absolutely thrilled to see them!

I love how the fabric is stretched out across the workshop, and how all of the furoshiki are printed with one colour at one time. When the first colour print is achieved, the second colour print is added.

Snowflower Pink is screen-printed in two differing shades of the same pink. Our beautiful Snowflower Blue is made up of two differing shades - a strong blue, and a soft gray-blue. It really is lovely!

Everytime I furoshiki wrap with Snowflower (and we wrap a lot for weddings!) I thrill to see the work of art that it is! The colours are so delicate! It really is the perfect gift and keepsake :)

bottles furoshiki-wrapped in kimono

We wrapped Snowflower Pink and Blue in Kimono Bottle Wrap for hanami!

furoshiki gift-wrapped presents

Snowflower is screen-printed with two colours: a strong colour, and a paler version.

Note the beautiful pale gray-blue of Snowflower Blue - it's almost silvery!

Zusetsy Snowflower blue furoshiki wrapping a present

Here you can see the beautiful texture of the weave, and the detail of the delicate falling petals!

Designing Snowflower Blue

still from Princess Kaguya

We loved the blues that Isao Takahata used in Ghibli Studios Princess Kaguya, and our aim was to recreate the same sort of feel in our Snowflower Blue.

still from Princess Kaguya

We designed Snowflower carefully, paying special attention to how the wrap looks when it furoshiki-wraps your special presents. We actually used a square piece of fabric as a mock-up that we could draw on, to ensure the flowers fall beautifully when it is wrapped.

When Snowflower is laid out flat you can see that the centre is marked with a square of little petals. It's very handy for making sure that your gift-box is central! :)

You'll also notice that we were careful to place a little flower in the corners so that they show up when you create the tie.

We've invested a lot of our furoshiki-wrapping experience into the design, and into choosing the fabric, so that you will have the same little thrill I have, every time you wrap with Snowflower!

Snowflower furoshiki bundle

Snowflower is also available as a handy pack of 5, so that you can have a standby pack of lovely furoshiki ready for presents throughout the year and for Christmas! You can find them in-store here!

Snowflower furoshiki-wrapped presents and our furoshiki handbook

Why not team your Snowflower furoshiki present with our Zusetsu Furoshiki Handbook? It includes everything you need to get you started furoshiki wrapping, and makes the perfect gift!

Thank you for reading our short introduction to Snowflower Blue. We would love you to read the full story about how we were inspired to create Snowflower - Snowflower Pink was our first in-house designed furoshiki and you can read all about it here!

We hope you love Snowflower Blue as much as we do!

Thank you for reading, and see you next time!

Cathy and Yukki


snowflower blue design

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