Furoshiki Wall-Hangings: How to Decorate Your Home With Our New Kits!

Looking for a statement wall art to decorate your home? Or searching for an unforgettable gift for your Japan-loving friend this Christmas? Our furoshiki wall-hangings are just perfect for you! :)

104cm Ukiyoe Furoshiki The Great Wave by Hokusai Here at Zusetsu we're very excited to be able to provide you, in our online store, with our very own wall-hanging kits! Now you can easily hang your beautiful Hokusai furoshiki in your own home!

What is furoshiki?

A furoshiki is an almost square piece of cloth that is traditionally used to wrap, carry or protect items. The beautiful textile can also be used as a wall-hanging to add a vibrant touch to your room! For more information on the Japanese cultural background, you can check our history of furoshiki page :)

Sounds lovely! Where can I get a furoshiki wall-hanging?

At Zusetsu, we stock a whole range of Japanese furoshiki for you to choose from. While you can technically use any furoshiki for your wall art, we particularly recommend our 104cm Hokusai series, as the iconic Mount Fuji scenes really do add a bright and bold flare to your room :)

104cm Ukiyoe Furoshiki South Wind, Clear Sky by Hokusai If you would like to learn more about the significance of this famous ukiyoe painting, take a look at our Introducing Hokusai blog! We also have our Japonisme blog where we explored how Hokusai's work has impacted Western art :)

Amazing sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji taken by our photographer! :)

Once I have my furoshiki, how do I hang it up on the wall?

It is surprisingly difficult to find proper wall-hanging poles to match the size of your furoshiki. That's why at Zusetsu, we have created our custom wall-hanging kit that perfectly match our furoshiki size!

Our wall-hanging kits come in two sizes:

LARGE - which are 113cm long and perfect for hanging your large furoshiki.

SMALL - which are 40cm long and perfect for hanging your tenugui.

Our Large Furoshiki Wall-hanging Kit contains one split pine top pole with snap magnets, two clear plastic bands to secure the split poles together, black string to hang your item, and an illustrated how-to leaflet.

(It does not contain the furoshiki. Your furoshiki needs to be purchased separately instore.)

Our Large Furoshiki Wall-hanging Kit includes a split top pole which neatly fits together!

The two pieces of the top pole contain magnets, which help to easily sandwich the furoshiki!

It creates a neat edge!

The Large Furoshiki Wall-hanging Kit also contains two clear plastic bands to secure the top pole together, and string to bind, tie, and hang your item!

Our Large Furoshiki Wall-hanging Kit provides everything you need to display your beautiful furoshiki on your wall. All you need is a spare picturehook to hang it from!

To complete this look, you will need our Large Furoshiki Wall-hanging Kit, and also our 104cm Ukiyoe Furoshiki South Wind, Clear Sky by Hokusai! All available now in our Shop!

Take a look at our Shop for our growing range of

beautiful, quality, furoshiki to decorate your home!

Why not gift a Furoshiki and a Wall-hanging Kit this Christmas!

We have lots of fresh ideas happening this Christmas,

so get ready for some fantastic gifts available here soon!

* Our Large Wall-hanging Kit does not include the furoshiki. This needs to be purchased separately.

* The Large Wall-hanging Kit is available on the UK Mainland and Northern Ireland only, owing to courier delivery. But we can supply Small Wall-hanging Kits for tenugui worldwide!

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