Make it special: how to wrap a present!

This is a lovely way of gift-wrapping; it's a good way to start learning how to tie furoshiki, the results are beautiful, and it creates an extra-special gift. I've drawn up some illustrations so that you can see how to do it! The photo shows our 48cm Isa Monyo reversible furoshiki in Japanese Apricot (Red/Green), which was perfect for wrapping a small box of chocolates! A larger furoshiki would be suitable for a larger present - we stock three sizes: 48cm; 90cm, and 104cm.

1. Lay out your furoshiki so that it is reverse side up, and diamond-shaped.

2. Place your gift in the centre.

3. Bring the bottom corner (B) up so that it lies across your gift. Tuck any excess fabric under your gift.

4. Bring the top corner (A) down so that it lies across your gift. Tuck any excess fabric under your gift.

5. Pleat C in on itself once or twice, as if you were making a paper aeroplane. The aim is to make neat corners as you bring C into the centre to tie. Repeat with D.

6. Make a square knot in the centre of the gift. You can follow the easy guide to making a square knot here in our FAQ page.

7. Tease out the two ends of the square knot at their base, to make them leaf-like. If the furoshiki is reversible, gently twist the ends so that the reverse side is uppermost - the contrast looks very attractive!

You now have a beautifully wrapped present to give - furoshiki really do make a present special!

It's easy to learn how to make all sorts of gift wrap, in moments. Just check out our Furoshiki Tutorials page for lots of ideas and videos.

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