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Pre-order Now: Artisan Japanese Chocolate Truffles & Snowflower Furoshiki Gift Set!

Japanese chocolates and Christmas furoshiki-wrapped present on a table

This Christmas, gift a box of Japanese artisan chocolates, ready-wrapped in our wintry Snowflower furoshiki

Chocolates are perfect gifts for Christmas, but the ones that we are offering this winter season are extra special❄️ Our limited edition Artisan Japanese Chocolate Truffles & Snowflower Furoshiki Gift Set is now available for pre-order! We are thrilled to be partnering with Yumiko from Okashi2sweets to present the ultimate chocolate truffle gift for the Japan-lover in your life. The gift box consists of 12 hand-made chocolate truffles packed with uniquely Japanese flavours and will come ready-wrapped with care in our Snowflower furoshiki. We can also include a hand-written personalized message and post your gift directly to your recipient. We will be shipping our furoshiki-wrapped presents from December 6th (Mon) this year. We have limited supplies so please do place your order early!


Unique Japanese flavours you got to try!

Japanese chocolates in a box

Have you been craving Japanese sweets and confections as much as we have? We really cannot wait to be back in an enchanting machiya in Kyoto, drinking matcha and tasting the wonderous sweet delicacies of wagashi.. 😋 This is why we instantly fell in love with Yumiko's chocolate truffles, as the distinct flavours immediately took us back to our favourite Japanese sweetshop💞 Yumiko is originally from Japan's Nagano Prefecture, located near Matsumoto Castle. She has been creating sweets for nearly 20 years, both in Tokyo and in London! She started her own OKASHI to Sweets business about 3 years ago, hoping to introduce to everyone all over the world how lovely, cute, beautiful and tasty Japanese "okashi" (sweets) are, using her experience, skills and passion🥰 Yumiko's original hand-made chocolate truffle flavours are:

Matcha au Lait ( Japanese Green Tea )

Yuzu ( delicious Japanese Citrus ) & Caramel Milk Chocolate

Sake Ruby Chocolate

Sakura Liquor ( Japanese Cherry Blossom )

Lychee Milk Tea

Black Sesame Each box contains two truffles of each flavour. We had quite a few to 'taste-test' (😉) and while we loved all of them, our favourite flavour was the Matcha au Lait! We'd love to know which one was your (and your gift recipient's) favourite too!


Gift-wrapped by hand with care, using Snowflower furoshiki

furoshiki-wrapped chocolate box and Christmas fairy lights

A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth that is folded like origami to wrap precious items. The brilliance of furoshiki is that it can be reused over and over again, which makes it a great eco-friendly alternative to the standard wrapping paper. You can use furoshiki as part of a gift, so the gift receiver can in turn reuse the furoshiki for their next gift-giving occasion, creating a cycle of giving. Of course, the gift receiver can also decide to keep their quality Kyoto furoshiki as a momento and use in many ways - as home decor, a hair-tie, a furoshiki book-wrap, etc. Lots of ideas for furoshiki wrapping can be found in our Furoshiki Tutorials and we also offer a Furoshiki Handbook too!

Your Japanese chocolate truffle box will be ready-wrapped by Cathy from the Zusetsu team with extra care, exactly as shown in the photo above. Our Snowflower furoshiki are especially fitting for the Christmas season, as the wintry design was inspired in part by winter snow on the first plum blossom in Kyoto. Snowflower was designed in-house in the Cotswolds and then traditionally screen-printed by hand in Kyoto. You can discover how special Snowflower is here!


A personal touch

Japanese origami cherry blossom on a table

Your furoshiki-wrapped Japanese truffle box being packed, ready to post! Let us know if you would like an optional hand-written Zusetsu gift card included in your parcel. We can include a personalised message for you to make the gift extra special and ready to present 😊 Each parcel is prettily packed with pink tissue and includes a small origami cherry blossom made from Zusetsu's Origami papers. If you have any questions or any requests to further customise your Christmas gift, please don't hesitate to drop us a line at:


What could be nicer!

We hope you have a very furoshiki-filled Christmas this year and take full advantage of these twelve intriguing and delicious Japanese chocolate gift set ❤️ Here are a few additional details:

  • Each chocolate truffle weighs 10g approx.

  • Snowflower furoshiki is 50cm square approx.

  • The attractive card box measures 164mm x 115mm x 33mm approx.

  • Please note that these chocolate truffles contain, or they may contain: nuts, sesame, soya, milk, and gluten. They are decorated with gold.

For more Christmas inspirations:

Christmas robins on a branch with a furoshiki wrapped gift

Happy Furoshiki Christmas from the Zusetsu Team! xx

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