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Summer Styling with Furoshiki Hair Ties!

woman sitting in a meadow with a furoshiki hair tie

It's summer time, and if you have long hair like us you'll like to find pretty ways to tie your hair back! Our furoshiki from Kyoto are a super way to style your hair☺ We think the pretty patterns of our furoshiki really complement our Cotswolds summer garden♡ Are you interested in trying this out? Here are two easy hair tie styles that we highly recommend!


1. Simple Pony Tail Tie

First up we have the Simple Pony Tail Tie. Simply gather your hair into a plait or a pony tail and fasten with a small band. Then roll the furoshiki on the diagonal so that you have a strap of fabric to neatly tie in a single knot around your hair. It looks gorgeous, doesn't it! It's a perfect way to wear your hair when you're out amongst the wildflowers! Yukki took the photo above in our small wild flower meadow: the colours in the furoshiki complement the poppies, vetch, daisies and corncockles that are now growing there! You can find more detail on how to achieve this lovely look in our Hair Ties Furoshiki Tutorials!

Our white climbing rose has a very sweet fragrance. Here, I've tied my pony tail with our brand new 50cm Zusetsu Snowflower Furoshiki which has just arrived from Kyoto! The delicate white and pinks of the furoshiki look perfect against our summer garden!

Our gorgeous 50cm Adeline Klam Organic Cotton Furoshiki in Peony Red Simple Pony Tail Tie looks beautiful matched against the bright cerise peonies that are flowering in our garden!

Most of our garden is planted with scented cottage garden flowers. The peonies are planted with pink and white Rosa Mundi stripy roses, with tall foxgloves behind :)


2. Headband Tie

This is another super simple yet elegant way to style your hair! For the headband tie, roll up your furoshiki and place the middle of the furoshiki on the top of your head. Then, bring both ends of the furoshiki down to the base of your neck underneath your hair to tie a singular or double knot. It's as easy as that x We love using our furoshiki with striking Japanese motifs for unique, colourful headbands! In the photo above, we are using the 48cm Cochae Furoshiki | Mount Fuji with very bold, traditional patterns :)

girl with a furoshiki hairband

In this photo, Yukki has rolled our 48cm Yumeji Takehisa Furoshiki in Japanese Apricot Pink to make a pretty Headband Tie :) We were out in the nearby cherry blossom orchards in the spring on this day, and so her headband matched perfectly!


What do you think?🌼

We hope you have been inspired to try your own summer furoshiki hair ties!

Do send us your photos as we love to hear from you!

And watch this space, as we will be publishing a blog soon all about the exciting creation of our first Zusetsu-designed, Kyoto screen-printed Snowflower furoshiki!

Thank you for reading, and see you again soon!

Cathy and Yukki


drawing of a daisy


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