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We're thrilled to feature in Culture Whisper!

Christmas birthday present gift wrapping cloth furoshiki origami Japan knot wrap

We're thrilled to feature in Culture Whisper's great article on sustainable wrapping ideas! Thank you so much for writing about us, Jen!

Sustainable Furoshiki wrapping

Using textiles as wrapping paper is nothing new - in Japan, it's a traditional, centuries-old art form known as furoshiki.

Zusetsu is the go-to brand which specialises in the art of furoshiki, with wrapping textiles from Kyoto, which, once upon a time, held the emperor's treasures when they were placed in a storehouse. Furoshiki are reusable, and many have reversible patterns and symbolic meanings, so there is versatility in how you wrap. The textiles can also become bags themselves - you just need to know how to fold and tie them effectively (think of this technique as a bit like origami, for fabrics). Zusetsu host London workshops to teach individuals the art of Furoshiki wrapping - watch this space for more info on upcoming classes in the new year.

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You can find Culture Whisper's complete article here:

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