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Wedding Furoshiki: Zusetsu at Clevedon Hall!

furoshiki wedding table favours

Yukki and I had a wonderful time at Clevedon Hall in Somerset, preparing furoshiki-wrapped wedding favours for an Easter wedding. The wedding had an Easter theme, and so it was a perfect opportunity to wrap the favours in our elegant bunny ears wrap.

We'd love to walk you through the day. Come with us as we showcase our part in this beautiful wedding!


1. Before the Wedding

a wedding breakfast table

For this wedding, we were reached out to by a very lovely couple who we met at Charingworth Manor Wedding Fayre in the Cotswolds. We were asked for approximately 100 bunny ear furoshiki wraps for their chocolate egg favours - what could be more perfect for an Easter-themed wedding! We offer an in-person or online meet-up where we can discuss the requirements, and in this consultation time we share sample photos of the furoshiki with sample wrapping styles, to match the size of the individual wedding favours.

We then liaise with the venue's wedding planner to arrange the delivery of our furoshiki on the day. We are keen to make our furoshiki look their very best and we work with the talented table setters in order to achieve this.

We like to visit the wedding venue before the Big Day, and we visited Clevedon Hall ahead of time to ensure we knew exactly what to do on the wedding day. The staff were extremely kind, and led us through the house so that we knew where to bring our tall boxes of wrapped furoshiki on the day. We received the wedding favours about a month before the actual wedding day, and then started the process of wrapping each individual wrap with extra care! It took several days to furoshiki wrap all of the small gift boxes. They were stored in tall boxes ready for transporting and gently packed in tissue paper. Each furoshiki-wrapped table favour was taken out of the box and checked again the day before the wedding!

The first table favours that we wrapped were the ones for guests with special dietary requirements. It was important to identify these straight away - we added a little bit of raffia ribbon around the knot of each one so that they were easy to spot on the day!


2. Wedding Day - Arriving at Clevedon Hall!

the outside of Clevedon Hall

Yukki and my son Cally stayed with us over Easter :) Yukki and I got up early on the morning of the wedding. It was an absolutely beautiful day! We quickly loaded up the car and made our way down the M5. We arrived bright and early, and it was an absolute delight to walk up the roadway to the entrance of stunning Clevedon Hall, and look across to the beautifully landscaped gardens.

You can see how excited we were to arrive at Clevedon Hall in these photos!

a room with wood panelling

We were kindly shown into this beautifully panelled room to be served coffee on a silver tray. Properly fortified, we set to work, bringing in the boxes of wrapped furoshiki table favours.

We walked all the way through to the back of the house, and thanks to the lovely housekeeper, we brought the boxes in on a trolley, and up to the area where the Wedding Breakfast was to be held, in the lift!

This photo on the left shows the entrance towards the Orangery, where the tables were beginning to be carefully laid for the Wedding Breakfast.

The light flooded this entrance; the indoor plants created a lovely ambience, and the views across the still and sunny garden were beautiful.


3. Final Preparations

I'd wrapped the furoshiki with the bunny ears not separated, as they travel better that way. I settled into a comfy room just off the Orangery, and made the final adjustments to the furoshiki, carefully separating the bunny ears. They looked floaty and beautiful.

wedding breakfast tables

As soon as a few were lined up and ready to go, they were gently picked up by the lovely lady who was doing the table setting, and placed amongst the glass and cutlery. She urged us to come take a look - the effect was breathtaking!

wedding breakfast tables with flowers and furoshiki

And then the flowers arrived, and we were touched to see the pinks in the table flowers picked up the pink in our Snowflower furoshiki. The tables looked so enchanting!

Yukki was quietly busy taking photos, and they are exquisitely beautiful: they capture the airiness of the room and the sparkling light.

furoshiki-wrapped wedding table favours and glasses

It's a beautiful setting, with the views out onto the Hall and the gardens.

wedding top table

This is a view of the top table. Isn't it romantic!

a wedding table with flowers and furoshiki

When we designed our Snowflower furoshiki, we wanted an elegant design that would be perfect for a wedding.

furoshiki wedding table favours and a view of the Hall

Snowflower is traditionally screen-printed by hand in Kyoto, and so each furoshiki is a special keepsake of your wedding. It's a small piece of art that will always be a reminder of your special day.

wedding breakfast tables

Snowflower was inspired by snow falling on plum blossom in Kyoto's Imperial Palace Garden, and by our beloved cherry orchard near to our home in the Cotswolds.


4. And That's a Wrap!

outside view of the Orangery

And just like that, everything was all set! Yukki and I walked along the little ornamental path which led to the lake and the Japanese bridge. We looked back to the house to see the guests arriving in their beautiful outfits.

Japanese bridge and Clevedon Hall

Congratulations to the Newly Weds!

Thank you to Clevedon Hall.

The pretty flowers were by Rebecca @bijouxfloral.

We have many furoshiki designs and wrapping styles to complement your Wedding Day.

If you have any enquiry about our Wedding Services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at:

We offer beautiful furoshiki confetti ring bags and bridal party furoshiki gift-wrapping too! For more details, see our website wedding page. Thank you for reading, and see you next time,

Cathy and Yukki


wedding breakfast table near to open window


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