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Zusetsu's Gift Guide for Japan-Lovers!

Do you have a friend or family member who is crazy about Japan? With Christmas just around the corner, are you looking for the perfect Japanese present to win them over? Well, we've got you covered! :) Here at Zusetsu, we carefully curate a collection of quality gifts made by Japanese artisans. While we have a wide range of designs, we've put together our Top 5 Gift Ideas for Japan-Lovers that will definitely make a great impression! From Mt. Fuji to 'kawaii' floral prints, we hope you enjoy! Now, let's get started!


1. Furoshiki Wall-hangings

Such an iconic Japanese print! Featured: 104cm Ukiyoe Furoshiki The Great Wave by Hokusai (£42.00)

If you are looking for a big wow-factor, look no further than our furoshiki wall-hangings! They are truly a great statement piece and our Hokusai collection is such a classic series - a true delight for any Japanese art lover :)

The art is so special as the white areas on both The Great Wave and the iconic artwork of Mount Fuji below are printed in a shimmery, pearlescent white.

In addition to the furoshiki, we also have wall-hanging kits so that you have the custom poles to display this stunning wall art! To learn more about Hokusai, check out our Introducing Hokusai blog and our Japonisme blog!

A statement piece for any room in the house! Featured: 104cm Ukiyoe Furoshiki South Wind, Clear Sky by Hokusai (£42.00)


2. Tenugui Wall-hangings

This beautiful tenugui brings the perfect pop of colour to brighten your room x Featured: Pagoda and Fuji Tenugui (£16.50)

If you like the furoshiki wall-hanging idea, but have limited space, we've got you - we have a slimmer tenugui version too! :) Our Japanese tenugui are beautiful cotton wall-hangings, printed with a Japanese design to brighten up your home. Needless to say you can get a tenugui wall-hanging kit with the custom pole size!

A great way to decorate your home! Check out our tenugui collection for more designs!


3. Iconic Japanese Art as Furoshiki Gift-wrappings

As a furoshiki online store, we are passionate about these beautiful Japanese fabrics for gift-wrapping. If you are looking for a thoughtful, unique and eco-friendly way to wrap your present, why not use furoshiki instead of non-recyclable wrapping paper!

The magical aspect of using furoshiki is that it becomes part of the gift - the receiver can reuse their furoshiki and create a wonderful cycle of giving :) We particularly recommend this beauutiful Hokusai furoshiki as it reveals iconic Japanese art once unfolded!

Check here for furoshiki wrapping tutorials and here for the history of furoshiki!

Yukki used a furoshiki to wrap a Japanese tea pot for Cathy's birthday gift :)


4. Kyoto Wallets With a Ticket to an Event

A beautiful way to present a ticket or a voucher! Featured: Kyoto Wallet - Blue Brown Lilac Blossom (£12.75) Now that we're beginning to get about a bit more, a ticket to a future event is a wonderful surprise and a great way to look forward to the new year. One thing aren't the most *exciting* looking presents when placed under a Christmas tree... :0 So, for any tickets or voucher gifts, why not use our Kyoto wallets to glamp up the presentation! :) These high-quality wallets are made of a traditional Japanese textile called Nishijin-ori. There is no denying the beauty of these delicate floral designs - they will really show how you went the extra mile to complete a special gift! x


5. Japanese stationery

Featured: Kyoto Washi Paper Pack (£8.00) For the arts and crafts lover, origami is the way to go! They are a fun way to create beautiful and creative designs to decorate your home :)

We love the bright and cheerful designs on our washi paper - it's definitely a way to step up your origami game! You can also browse our washi tape collection for more stationery decorations!

So kawaii! Perfect for decorating journals, scrapbooks or photo albums <3 Feautured: our washi tape collection (£5.55)


Did you enjoy our list?

Bonus photo of our cute washi trays! Featured: Kyoto Washi Paper Tray - Spring Festival (£7.00)

We hope this Japanese gift guide was useful! If you like to find more gift options, check out our Zusetsu online store for the full range. Please share your furoshiki-wrapped gift photos with us too - it makes our day when we see them!! :)

Merry Christmas from the Zusetsu Team x


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