Washi tape is a beautiful, fun way to decorate and get creative! 


We've chosen a cute range of washi tapes as we couldn't resist them!


These sakura petals by Bande are amazing! You can gently pull one petal at a time from the neat roll, and create your own drifts of cherry blossom petals. If you stick five petals together at the centre you'll have made your very own cherry blossom!


The petals have slightly different shading in pink to add to the natural look!


They have a gentle stick just like our washi tapes, and so they are perfect for crafting and all sorts of DIY art projects.


You can make bookmarks, decorate a journal, create a birthday card, washi tape your pens and pencils.. Once you get started, you'll be washi taping all sorts of decorative objects!


For inspiration, take a look at our blog Get Creative with Washi Tape! 


Bande Sakura Petals

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