Hikari Pochette Gamaguchi Shoulder Bag


Our gorgeous little Hikari Pochette Shoulder Bag is finished to a beautiful quality.


It features a slightly different design on each side in matching colours, so you can show off the side outermost that matches how you feel!


The designs are screen-printed by hand by skilled artisans in the Kyoto workshop.


They are inspired by an archive of hand-drawn kimono patterns.


The elegant inner lining contrasts beautifully with the outer prints, and this small bag is roomy enough for your smartphone, purse, and keys. 


It's a very lovely gift!


You can read more about Ino-kichi and their amazing creative processes here!


These are not massed-produced items, but items made with a tremendous amount of thought, skill, creativity, and care :)

Hikari Pochette Gamaguchi Shoulder Bag

SKU: PGB153364

    • Dimensions: 
    • Bag Width: Approximately 20 cm (the most bulging part)
    • Bag Height: Approximately 12.5 cm (excluding the base)
    • Bag Base: Approximately 6 cm
    • Shoulder Strap Width: Approximately 5 mm
    • Shoulder Strap Length: Approximately 120 cm ( the length cannot be adjusted)
    • Weight : 114g
    • Material :
    • Bag outer fabric: 100% cotton
    • Bag lining: 100% cotton
    • Gamaguchi bag opening: Iron
    • Shoulder strap: Leather
    • Made in Japan