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Zusetsu - An English company passionate about contemporary textiles originating from the traditional, creative heritage of Kyoto.

Registered office address: Zusetsu Ltd., 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ.

Company Number: 11806597. VAT Number: GB 315 9298 79. Copyright Zusetsu Ltd., 2019.

Our quality, beautiful, large 104cm furoshiki from Kyoto can be made into several different styles of bag. Pictured here is our Isa Monyo Reversible Furoshiki in Chrysanthemum Red/Blue. We also stock Weeping Cherry Tree in Navy/Red; Japanese Apricot in Red/Green; and Knot in Blue/Orange. The intriguing nature of these furoshiki is that they are fully reversible, which means that details of the underside show through and contrast in the tying. They are £42 each.


Included with every purchase is a detailed brochure with simple drawings to get you started on your furoshiki adventure. The Leaf Bag pictured is very simple to make, and requires only three knots! They are a joy to take out and about with you, and are a very pretty alternative to shopping with plastic bags.


We also stock a range of slightly smaller 90cm furoshiki, designed by Yumeji Takehisa. Wonderfully versatile, these create beautifully elegant bags, and also gorgeous gift wrapping for a larger present. We offer you three designs: Japanese Apricot/ Beige; Rose/Multi; and the gorgeous Camellia/ Gray. They are £30 each.


Do join us in the wonderful world of Kyoto furoshiki - the bags and gift wrap are beautiful to create!






Create a Furoshiki Leaf Bag

SKU: Code : 20478-313
    • Code : 20478-313
    • Dimensions : 104 x 104 cm (40.9″ x 40.9″). 
    • Weight : 189 g.
    • Material : 100% cotton.
    • Made in Japan.