Delicate cherry blossom is beloved in Japan for its fleeting beauty.


Inspired by the beauty of kimono fabrics, our Kyoto Wallets are an elegant way to gift special invitations and tickets!


Our Kyoto Wallets are made in the traditional style of beautiful Nishijin-ori (西陣織, Nishijin fabric), but are an affordable item because they are made from man-made fibre rather than silk. Nishijin-ori is a traditional textile produced in the Nishijin district of Kyoto in Japan. Nishijin weaving originated in the Heian era of Kyoto, around the year 794, when the city became the new capital city, and weaving was developed for the Emperor's court. These exquisite techniques and traditions have been passed down through generations of artisans to the modern day.


You can find out more about Nishijin-ori here!

Kyoto Wallet - Lilac Bronze Blossom


    • Dimensions: 95 mm x 175 mm approximately.
    • The brocade is made from man-made fibre.
    • Made in Japan.
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