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Kyoto Aburatorigami Japanese Facial Blotting Papers: Fushimi Inari


A pretty gift of traditional Kyoto aburatorigami facial oil blotting papers.


These small packs of 40 papers recreate the papers that were originally used by geisha and kabuki actors to keep them looking fresh!


Aburatorigami was discovered for its oil-absorbing qualities as a by-product of the gold leaf making process over a thousand years ago in Kyoto.


Originally called hakuuchi-gami, during the Heian era gold leaf artisans used these special papers to protect the delicate sheets of gold leaf, which were used in the gilding of temples and beautiful treasures.


Fushimi Inari is a well-known shrine south of Kyoto, famous for its dazzling lines of vermilion torii that climb the slopes of Mount Inari.


The kitsune foxes that guard the shrine are the messengers of Inari, the god of rice.


These beautiful papers from Kyoto are one of a series that we stock of 6 designs.


The card is displayed in a chrysanthemum-shaped tea ceremony plate.


Dimensions : 90 x 90 mm

Card weight: 10g

Made in Japan

​​​​​​​Kyoto Aburatorigami Japanese Facial Blotting Papers: Fushimi Inari

SKU: KC002
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