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Kyoto Washi Tray - Karesansui Garden White


The designs of our two new Kyoto washi trays are fascinating. Drawing on the raked gravel temple gardens of Kyoto, they depict karesansui.


Karesansui is the grouping of rocks, clipped bushes and moss to create a miniature stylized landscape – at Ryogin-an the head and wings of a dragon appear to emerge from the raked gravel, and writhing dragons appear to move between the clouds.


Raked gravel often imitates the ripples of water, and so the design on our Kyoto washi trays at once depicts karesansui with fallen leaves resting on the raked gravel, and also the ripples of water on a pond with perhaps koi floating beneath.


A zen gravel garden is a spiritual exercise for those who sit and contemplate the rock and gravel arrangement before them. It draws the viewer into the moment, clearing the mind, and creating calm.


These little trays are perfect cup coasters. They are excellent for holding small items, such as jewellery, keys, coins, or desk stationery. And because they are wipe clean, they are ideal for presenting your mid-morning snacks!


Our beautiful washi trays come from an enchanting machiya store called Suzuki Shofudo, which is located in one of the old back lanes of Kyoto.


Suzuki Shofudo was established in Kyoto in 1893 as a manufacturer of traditional paper items. Kyoto is renowned for its beautiful kimono, and the kimono patterns are the inspiration for the paper patterns, which are dyed using a very traditional starch-resist technique. Repeated dyeing creates the beautiful rich colours!


You can find out more about our washi trays here!


Our washi trays are made traditionally from paper, so please use a damp tea towel to gently wipe them clean :)

Kyoto Washi Paper Tray - Karesansui Garden White

SKU: WT 32
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  • The square tray measures just under 115mm x 115mm. It is approximately 6mm deep.

    It weighs about 10g.