Furoshiki Bag with Strap Handle I Japanese Apricot


What could be cuter than creating your own Furoshiki Bag with our new Strap Handles!


It's so easy to create one of these gorgeous Furoshiki Bags using our 70cm Modern Girl Furoshiki from Kyoto!


Each order will receive one 70cm Modern Girl Furoshiki in Japanese Apricot and its matching strap handle!


It's easy to make a bag using one of our Furoshiki Bag Straps:

1. Fold your 70cm furoshiki in half so that the pattern is showing.

2. Take the top left corners of the furoshiki, and push them together up through the centre of both of the rings on the left side of the Bag Strap.

3. Now push the furoshiki ends down and through the second ring.

4. Repeat on the right side, making sure that both sides look the same.

5. Now, place your hand in the centre of the bag and pull the left side fabric in towards the centre of the bag.

6. Repeat on the other side, making sure that your bag has a nice shape.

7. Now you're good to go!


Every order also receives a furoshiki booklet that offers clear diagrams to show how to make several styles of furoshiki gift-wrapping and furoshiki bags. 


Take a look at our Furoshiki Tutorials here to see lots of videos, helpful diagrams and ideas for how to wrap furoshiki. It's easier than you think!


*Email me before you order if you would like me to make up this furoshiki bag for you!

Furoshiki Bag Kit with Strap Handle I Japanese Apricot

  • Furoshiki-lined Bag Strap:

    • Dimensions : 24 x 3.2cm approximately (not inc. rings)
    • Weight : 23g.
    • Material : Cotton fabric-lined leather with metal rivets and rings.
    • Strap is made in Japan.


    • Dimensions : 70 x 70 cm (27.6″ x 27.6″).
    • Weight : 82g.
    • Material : 100% cotton.
    • Made in Japan.