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Paper Crane Pochette Gamaguchi Shoulder Bag 


Beautiful white origami are the design for our Paper Crane Pochette Shoulder Bag.


Folding one thousand paper cranes is believed to help make your wish come true.


This bag features a slightly different design on either side of the bag, in matching colours.


The designs are inspired by an archive of hand-drawn kimono patterns.


This is a gorgeous small shoulder bag that is perfect for carrying your purse, keys, and your smartphone.


It truly makes a wonderful gift.


You can read more about Ino-kichi here!


These are not massed-produced items, but items made with a tremendous amount of thought, skill, creativity, and care :)

Paper Crane Pochette Gamaguchi Shoulder Bag

SKU: PGB153351

    • Dimensions: 
    • Bag Width: Approximately 20 cm (the most bulging part)
    • Bag Height: Approximately 12.5 cm (excluding the base)
    • Bag Base: Approximately 6 cm
    • Shoulder Strap Width: Approximately 5 mm
    • Shoulder Strap Length: Approximately 120 cm ( the length cannot be adjusted)
    • Weight : 114g
    • Material :
    • Bag outer fabric: 100% cotton
    • Bag lining: 100% cotton
    • Gamaguchi bag opening: Iron
    • Shoulder strap: Leather
    • Made in Japan