Zusetsu Original |  Mixed Postcard Pack


Now you can buy a Mixed Pack of our gorgeous, hand-designed Postcards!


Our popular Zusetsu Postcards are a beautiful addition to your furoshiki gift-wrapped present!


Sold in packs of 3, the cards measure 148mm square and the pack includes 3 envelopes.


I've worked as a professional children's book illustrator for many years, and now my interest is to combine my illustration skills with my passion for Kyoto culture. 


Our 3 Postcards are:


Genji: inspired by the beautiful classic of Japanese literature, The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, this card is inspired by the art work of Tsuna Isome in the 17th century.


Plum blossom: inspired by the brush paintings on Kyoto folding fans (sensu), and the fragrant plum blossoms in Kyoto's temples and gardens.


Snow Flower: inspired by the elegant beauty of Kyoto - the Golden Pavilion and blossoms falling like snow.



1 unit is a pack of 3 cards of a different design, and includes 3 envelopes.
Dimensions : 148 x 148 mm.

Card: 400gsm
Made in UK

Zusetsu Mixed Postcard Pack of 3

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