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We have a lot of exciting wrap styles for your special gifts.
Select one of the gift wraps below for step-by-step instructions!

furoshiki simple wrap in cherry tree

Simple Wrap

This beautiful furoshiki wrap is simple and elegant. It's also a good starter wrap if you're new to furoshiki!

furosiki bento wrap with poppy field background

Bento Wrap

This cute bento wrap is traditionally used to carry a lunchbox (bento) in Japan, but it's excellent for carrying a giftbox, some plates for a picnic, or even a pie!

wedding table furoshiki gift wraps

Bunny Ears Wrap

This is such an elegant furoshiki wrap!

furoshiki leaf wrap being given

Leaf Wrap

I love this style of furoshiki gift wrap. It's so effective, it makes a big impression, but with a little care it's very simple to achieve!


Corsage Wrap

Everyone loves this little wrap in our workshops -

it's simple and effective!

furoshiki petal wrap being help as an example

Petal Wrap

Our petal furoshiki wrap is such a pretty gift-wrap, and it's easy to make too!

large present wrapped with a furoshiki flower wrap

Flower Wrap

The flower wrap is a very beautiful way to wrap a present!

fluted furoshiki present wrap

Fluted Present Wrap

One of our prettiest wraps, the Fluted Present Wrap looks stunning!


Rose Wrap

A furoshiki gift-wrap with rosebuds, what could be lovelier?

furoshiki large rose wrap

Large Rose Wrap

Our elegant Large Rose Wrap looks stunning!


Flower Bud Wrap

A very elegant furoshiki wrap, with a knot at the centre like a flower bud.

snowflower furoshiki with ribbon wrap against a daisy background

Ribbon Wrap

Our adorable ribbon wrap is a perfect way to prettily wrap a gift!

furoshiki poppy wrap in a poppy field

Poppy Wrap

We think this little furoshiki flower looks just like a poppy!

furoshiki bunny wraps and Zusetsu furoshiki andbook

Bunny Wrap

Everyone always loves this wrap at my furoshiki workshops!

Yukki holding a large futatsu wrapped present

Futatsu Wrap

This pretty furoshiki wrap is perfect for wrapping awkwardly  shaped gifts, or long boxes, or even bundles of clothes!

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