We have a lot of exciting wrap styles for your special gift :)
Select one of the gift wraps below for step-by-step instructions!


Simple Wrap

This beautiful furoshiki wrap is simple and elegant. It's also a good starter wrap if you're new to furoshiki!

Bento Wrap

This cute bento wrap is traditionally used to carry a lunchbox (bento) in Japan, but it's excellent for carrying a giftbox, some plates for a picnic, or even a pie!

Bunny Ears Wrap

This 'bunny ears' wrap looks gorgeous, doesn't it!

Leaf Wrap

I love this style of furoshiki gift wrap. It's so effective, it makes a big impression, but with a little care it's very simple to achieve!

Petal Wrap

Our petal furoshiki wrap is such a pretty gift-wrap, and it's easy to make too!

Flower Wrap

The flower wrap is a very beautiful way to wrap a present!

Ribbon Wrap

This adorable ribbon wrap is made from a 48cm furoshiki, and is perfect for wrapping a small book or a small box of chocolates.

Poppy Wrap

We think this little furoshiki flower looks just like a poppy!

Bunny Wrap

Everyone always loves this wrap at my furoshiki workshops!

Futatsu Wrap

This pretty furoshiki wrap is perfect for wrapping awkwardly  shaped gifts, or long boxes, or even bundles of clothes!