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Zusetsu's Yukki with furoshiki bag in a poppy field

What is Furoshiki?

A furoshiki is an almost square piece of cloth that is traditionally used to wrap, carry, or protect items.

It is folded in a manner similar to origami to create beautiful gift-wrapping and bags.

What Size are Furoshiki?

We currently stock 4 sizes of furoshiki.

For more details take a look at our Furoshiki Size Guide.

unrecyclable Christmas paper and reusable furoshiki

Furoshiki and Reusability

We're all looking for ways to live our lives in a more mindful way - ways that mean we're being a little kinder to the planet.

Sometimes small changes are the way to start, which include the benefits of using reusable Japanese furoshiki as part of our daily lives.

Furoshiki are steadily increasing in popularity as more people around the world choose this exceptional alternative to plastic shopping bags and unrecyclable gift-wrapping paper and tape.

We have a beautiful range of organic cotton furoshiki in-store.

reusable furoshiki and unrecyclable gift-wrapping paper and tape

How to Make Furoshiki Wraps and Bags

With their contemporary designs, and their long heritage, our furoshiki from Kyoto are truly beautiful.

Visit our Furoshiki Tutorials for lots of Kyoto wrapping ideas to get you started.

Every order receives a free easy-to-follow furoshiki instruction leaflet!

Take a look at our furoshiki Size Guide to help you choose the size you need.

And our Furoshiki Handbook is the perfect addition to your furoshiki. Easy-to-follow diagrams and beautiful photographs help you to make stunning furoshiki bags and gift-wraps.

We also offer private, group, corporate, and online furoshiki workshops. Look out for upcoming events on our Events page, or email us if you'd like to host one!

Kyoto street and Zusetsu furoshiki Winter crane

Further Reading about Furoshiki and Reusability

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