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Furoshiki Size Guide

Our furoshiki come in 4 approximate sizes.

Extra Large (100cm and 104cm) and Large (90cm) furoshiki 

These are great for making the large furoshiki bags, the double bottle wrap, or for wrapping a large gift box.

Medium (70cm) furoshiki

We often use this size in our Furoshiki Workshops as it is so versatile!

It's a great size for gift-wrapping something that is around A4 size, and it is perfect for making our cute Ring Bags! 


It's also lovely for any of the single bottle wraps, and because furoshiki wrapping is always scaleable you can make smaller versions of the bag wraps. The Leaf Bag made with a 70cm furoshiki is very cute, and an ideal way to gift loose items like bath products.

An approximate guide to the size of box that you can comfortably gift wrap is 235mm x 170mm x 53mm.

Small (48cm and 50cm)

This is the classic size for small boxes, small paperback books, and jam-jar and cup-size presents.

As a guide, I would wrap boxes that are 90mm x 90mm x 97mm in this size.


I would recommend taking a look at our Furoshiki Tutorials. You will see lots of different furoshiki wraps wrapping different sizes and shapes of gifts, and you will begin to get a feel for which wrap is appropriate for your gifts.

In our Furoshiki Tutorials you will find lots of different furoshiki wraps with photos, illustrations, and videos - everything you need to get you started!

Would you like an in-person or online workshop? Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

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