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Teruhide Kato Snowy Kinkakuji Temple detail 1.jpg

Zusetsu ART

Discover our Zusetsu ART store, and our stunning hand-picked authentic woodblock prints from Kyoto, both new and vintage!


Tenugui Textile
Art Prints

We have returned from Kyoto with a beautiful series of limited availability, high quality tenugui to brighten your home and office!


Zusetsu Winter Crane

Cathy has collected our latest furoshiki design in Kyoto!

Our new Winter Crane comes in two Christmassy colourways - Crimson and Ice!


Kyoto Kamifūsen

Paper Balloons!

With our background in children's book illustration, we are always looking for Japanese products with strong design!

We think you will love our new fun paper balloons, especially the Dragon!


Chiyogami Christmas Trees

Follow the steps in our new blog Making Christmas Trees, or purchase from us ready-made!


More New Furoshiki!

We love it when a big boxful of Kyoto furoshiki arrives!

It is so lovely to see our bright and beautiful new purchases for our Zusetsu store!

Come and see what's new! 

PXL_20230720_064248582 edit_edited.jpg

Kyoto Aburatorigami

A pretty gift of traditional Kyoto aburatorigami facial oil blotting papers.

These small packs of 40 papers recreate the papers that were originally used by geisha and kabuki actors to keep them looking fresh!


Kyoto Yuzen Origami

Our beautiful artisan origami papers from Kyoto won the Kyoto Design Award! 

We stock them in bright Neon, soft Green, and a beautiful  Blue.


Japanese Face Towels

We couldn't resist adding these delightful Japanese face towels to our Zusetsu store! 

We now stock three designs:

Views of Kyoto; Fushimi Inari; and Mount Fuji! 


Organic Kyoto
Tie Handle Bag

If you would love a Kyoto bag that is styled a little like a furoshiki bag, and is super-easy to make, this may be the bag for you!



Discover our new quality Karakusaya furoshiki!

Cathy was delighted to collect them in Kyoto, wrapped up in a large furoshiki bundle!


Mix and Match 4-Pack

Zusetsu Furoshiki Bundle

Can't decide which of our lovely Kyoto-made furoshiki to buy?

We've solved your problem! 


Furoshiki Handbook

Easy-to-follow diagrams and beautiful photographs guide you to make stunning furoshiki bags and gift-wraps. Our new Furoshiki Handbook has all you need to get you started!

winter crane
winter crane

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