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What They're Saying

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We love hearing your furoshiki stories, and we love seeing your photos!
Here are just some of the lovely messages that we've received:

From Jane:

Very sweetly, carefully and artistically packaged. Furoshiki is lovely.Will return to order more items in due course. Very impressive and impressed!

Thank you, Cathy, you made my morning.

PS Great instruction manual

From Rob:

I received my order today and am emailing to say that I am really pleased with the quality of the furoshiki.


The packaging presentation was also beautifully executed.

From Rosalba:

...fantastic delivery ! I am absolutely excited for such a beauty furoshiki ! It is enchanting, I love over all the geometric designs ! Thank you for your kind message and  your lovely words ! Thank you, thank you again, all the best Rosalba from Italy with love

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Our Zusetsu Community

One of the loveliest aspects of our business is the friendships we have made with our wonderful customers all over the world.
Here are a few photos we kindly received:

Harriet and Rufus with a furoshiki :)

Harriet with a furoshiki book bag!

Artist Harriet Chard (@harrietchard_art on Instagram) painted a beautiful composition of delicate early-summer flowers set in a furoshiki-wrapped vase. The furoshiki is our 48cm Japanese Apricot Blue/Beige, and it's thrilling to see it captured so perfectly!

Thank you, Yvonne, for your lovely photo of your furoshiki ring bag! <3

Our lovely customer Rachel made this beautiful tapestry and gift-wrapped it in our extra large Isa Monyo Knot furoshiki. What a wonderfully special present!

We hosted our first online furoshiki wrapping workshop in March 2021. Nora, Daniel and Zulay kindly sent us photos of their gorgeous furoshiki wraps! :)

Zulay saturday class (003)

We were thrilled that Lia kindly sent us a photo of her beautiful origami!

In April 2021 we hosted a fun and informative online sake tasting and furoshiki wrapping evening with our guest speaker Robin from Sorakami! Thank you to Marialena and Alex and Daniel for the fantastic photos of your gorgeous furoshiki sake bottle wraps!

Alex sake event 2021
Daniel Sake_bottles
Daniel Furoshiki
Daniel Furoshiki_Sake

We love Daniel's beautiful furoshiki kimono bottle wraps! Amazing photos - thank you!

We love hearing from all of you, and seeing your wonderful furoshiki wraps, so do keep in touch!