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corsage furoshiki wrap

Corsage Wrap

Using an elastic band, you can easily create a gorgeous corsage wrap with a flower that looks like a camellia! 

Watch the Video

1. Place your gift box in the centre of the reverse side of your diamond-shape furoshiki.

2. Pick up all 4 corners of your furoshiki, and push any billowing fabric into the centre.

3. Then run your hand all the way down these straps of fabric, and secure them with two loops of an elastic band.

4. Spread out each of the 4 petal shapes at their base.

5. Then pick up the point of one of the fabric petals, and push it through one loop of the elastic band. Shape it to look like a leaf.

6. Repeat this with each of the 4 fabric petals, ensuring that the leaves are all the same size.

7. Gently shape the flower that has formed in the middle of the present. Easy, isn't it!

8. Note: If you find that your furoshiki is quite large for your present, try securing the 4 gathered corners with 2 elastic bands looped twice. You can then feed the ends through 2 rings of the bands, which creates an even bigger corsage flower!

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