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flower bud furoshiki wrap

Flower Bud Wrap

Create an elegant furoshiki wrap with a flower bud focal piece.

Step 1

Place your box so that the long edges are on the side, like this. It should be in the centre of your diamond-shaped furoshiki, which is lying reverse-side up.

Bring the bottom corner up and cover the box, tucking the excess underneath.

Bring the top corner down, but this time fold it, so that the fold lies across the centre of your giftbox.

flower bud furoshiki wrap
fluted present furoshiki wrap

Step 2

Take the fabric point that lays to the right, and bring the top and bottom edges together against the side of the box, like this. They should meet at the middle of the edge of the box.

Pull the fabric up and over onto the top of the box. This is one strip of fabric.

Repeat with the fabric on the left side, so that you have 2 strips of fabric in your hands.

Step 3

Tie the 2 straps of fabric together with an elastic band, like this. 

fluted present furoshiki wrap
flower bud furoshiki wrap

Step 4

Take one of the straps and wrap it over the centre gathering, passing it underneath, and letting it come back out and fall to the right, just as in the photo.

Step 5


Tuck the end of that first strip of fabric into a loop of the elastic band, out of sight.

fluted present furoshiki wrap
fluted present furoshiki wrap

Your Finished Wrap!

Finally, take the remaining strap of fabric and push it underneath the flower bud and up through the other side.

Push any excess to the side where it is out of sight.

I'm using a large chopstick here to neaten everything up, including the edges.

Shape the flower bud knot with your hands.

This is such a beautiful wrap!

fluted present furoshiki wrap

Flower Bud Wrap

Isn't it a beauty!

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