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fluted furoshiki wrap

Fluted Present Wrap

The Fluted Present Wrap is a beautiful furoshiki wrap for a small rectangular box.

It has a Fluted Bottle Wrap top combined with a Flower Wrap crisscross tie.

Gently tease out the fluted top to create a seashell shape that looks elegant!

fluted furoshiki wrap
fluted furoshiki present wrap
fluted present furoshiki wrap

Step 1

Lay your furoshiki in a diamond shape, reverse side up. Place your giftbox in the centre.

Fold in the top and bottom corners - we want  two straight edges which we can join together across the centre of the box.

Step 2


Holding the two straight edges together, pleat them in and out to create a crinkle fold.

This will become the pretty fluted top to your present!

fluted present furoshiki wrap
fluted furoshiki present wrap

Step 3


As you pleat the edge, gather it up in your hand.

You can then secure it by taking the right wing of fabric behind the fabric you are holding and under your hand so that it is pointing towards you.

Repeat on the other side. 

Step 4


It will look like this!

Use the two ends to secure the pleated fabric you were holding.

Tie it with a pretty double knot. Don't forget to tease apart the ends of the knot into leaf shapes!

fluted present furoshiki wrap
fluted present furoshiki wrap

Step 5


The top of your fluted wrap will look like this, with the concertina pleats held together by the double knot.

All you have to do now is gently tease the pleats apart, so that they look pretty!

Your Finished Wrap!


It's one of our favourite wraps!

It's beautiful, isn't it!

fluted present furoshiki wrap

Be Inspired

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