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Our beautifully crafted Japanese wooden patchin snap magnetically together, creating a practical bag that is both very easy to make and very pretty!


Match your furoshiki to go with your patchin.

We have used one of our extra large furoshiki

with our Large Patchin Handle in Walnut in this photo.

You can match one of our large furoshiki with our Large Patchin Handles, too!

Our Patchin Bags are our easiest furoshiki bags to make,

so they make a truly lovely gift! 

 Step-by-step Diagram 

instructions on how to use patchin hadles to make a furoshiki bag

 Watch the video 

Check out the video to get a better idea of this wrapping technique

Patchin in the video: Small Patchin Handle - Walnut

 More Photos! 

Here are more photos for your inspiration :)

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