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Fairy Furoshiki Colouring Book Art!

Zusetsu fairy furoshiki boat

Our founder Cathy is a professional children's book illustrator, currently illustrating a big series of colouring books for Little Tiger Press alongside running Zusetsu!

She's very busy! :)

It's summertime, and we thought it might be fun to fill those long holidays with some cute colouring pages of fairy furoshiki!

They're free to download - just click on the images!

What would be brilliant for us is if you might send us a pic of your finished art - and let us know if you don't mind us anonymously sharing it on our Instagram stories! :)

Let's have some fairy fun! :)

cherry blossom furoshiki fairy
Furoshiki Fairy and the Cherry Blossom

furoshiki fairy and bag
Furoshiki Fairy and a Furoshiki Bag

furoshiki fairy butterfly
Furoshiki Fairy Butterfly

furoshiki fairy daisy
Furoshiki Fairy Daisy

furoshiki fairy mermaid
Furoshiki Fairy Mermaid

furoshiki fairy festival
Furoshiki Fairy Festival

colouring book flyer Little Tiger Press

colouring book flyer Little Tiger Press

colouring book flyer Little Tiger Press

Above is some promotional material from Little Tiger of another colouring book in the series - Cathy has loved illustrating every single one of them!

Little Tiger Press colouring books
Some of the Little Tiger Press colouring books illustrated by Cathy!

We hope you have enjoyed this little bit of fun! :)

Don't forget, we'd love to see your colouring art!


fairy furoshiki river boat


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