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Hanami Furoshiki Workshop: So Much Fun!

Zusetsu online event furoshiki wrapping hanami bento wrap

Our live online event Furoshiki Class: Japanese Hanami Bento Wrap and More!

We love hanami, the Japanese spring festival of cherry-blossom viewing, and so to celebrate this lovely time of year we hosted our first live online furoshiki wrapping event in March, called Furoshiki Class: Japanese Hanami Bento Wrap and More!

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As hanami is a time of picnics under the cherry trees we decided to show how to make wraps with a picnic theme!

Our guests were such a lovely, enthusiastic, and friendly group, and it truly was a real pleasure meeting everyone!

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For our class we suggested that our guests bring along with them:

  • a 70cm square piece of cloth to wrap with

  • an optional 50cm square piece of cloth if they had a small bento box that they would like to wrap

  • two elastic bands

  • a box or a book to wrap

  • a bottle

origami, furoshiki wrapping workshop online Zusetsu

We started off learning about how to tie the double knot which features so much in furoshiki wrapping. For this we looked at the Simple Wrap.

We then imagined the box as an ekiben box - the type of bento that you can buy to eat on the train at a Japanese station - and we wrapped this in a Bento Wrap with our 70cm furoshiki.

bento, furoshiki wrapping, eco, bag, zusetsu store

Bento Wrap

At this point we wrapped our small bento with our small furoshiki in a Bento Wrap too!

picnic in the park, hanami, cherry blossom, furoshiki wrap, bento, Japan, Zusetsu Store, online event

A hanami picnic in the park!

We made a furoshiki wrap to take a bottle to a picnic - it's a particularly lovely way to wrap a bottle that's a gift - it looks so special!

Our guests were so good at wrapping with furoshiki, I decided to challenge them a bit, and so we finished up by creating beautiful flower furoshiki wraps that looked like they were decorated with a cherry blossom !

Zusetsu store, furoshiki gift wrap, present, garden, gifts, birthday

Apart from Yukki's opening photo of Cathy in the online class furoshiki wrapping, we have illustrated this blog entirely with the photos that our new friends sent in to us. Thank you so much to everyone who sent photos of their gorgeous wraps! We hope you had wonderful hanami picnics!

bento, picnic, food, lunchbox, lunch, Zusetsu furoshiki, online event

Bento Wrap in a lovely cherry blossom furoshiki!

wine bottle gift wrap, birthday, picnic, online workshop, craft, Zusetsu furoshiki store

Single Bottle Wrap in a gorgeous orange furoshiki!

You can find out how to make all of these beautiful furoshiki wraps too by going to our Furoshiki Tutorials page here!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our diary about our first online fun furoshiki event!

Do join in our fun evening of online sake and furoshiki!

Here is the link to our next online event: Japanese Sake Tasting & Furoshiki: Featuring Sake Sommelier

With two ticket options, this is a great opportunity to learn about the world of Japanese sake from an expert sake sommelier and importer. You can choose to take part in a sake taste testing, and you can also learn to bottle wrap with a furoshiki!

We will be holding more furoshiki wrapping events, (both online and in person) and we would love you to come along, so do stay tuned, follow us on Instagram, or subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information!

If you would like to host a furoshiki wrapping event, please get in touch with us here!

If you would like to read about another of our new online events, take a look at

Thank you for reading,

Cathy and Yukki


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