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How to Make a Simple Furoshiki Gift Wrap

The Art of Furoshiki Gift Giving

Looking for a beautiful and creative way to present a thoughtful gift? We recommend using furoshiki! Not only is this environmentally conscious compared to single use wrapping paper, but we find it so much easier to use than fiddling with paper, scissors, and tape - what a lovely bonus! :) If you are new to furoshiki, we recommend starting off with the simple wrap method, which is both elegant and easy. In fact, we've put together a video tutorial and a step-by-step illustration guide so that you can get wrapping straight away! Please do share photos of your furoshiki-wrapped gift with us, we love seeing your amazing wraps x


What is a furoshiki?

A furoshiki is an almost square piece of cloth that is traditionally used to wrap, carry or protect items. It is folded in a manner similar to origami to create beautiful gift-wrapping and bags. For more information on the Japanese cultural background, check our history of furoshiki page.


Video Tutorial

Here is a new video that we put together to show you how the simple gift wrap is done. If you are wondering where we are filming this, we are in our back garden in a small village in the Cotswolds, UK :) Feel free to pause the video while wrapping so that you can double check on each step of the process!

Here we've wrapped our gift using the beautiful 70cm Hare Tsutsumi Seven Treasures in White/Red. We love all of our furoshiki, but our Hare Tsutsumi designs are extra special - they glimmer in the light! They're gorgeous wraps for special presents :)


The Simple Wrap Method

Here is a step-by-step visual guide on how to make the simple furoshiki gift wrap that was shown above!


We hope you found this guide helpful!

If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to learn how to make various other furoshiki wraps and bags, click here to find more ideas and support! You may also find these blog posts interesting too: How to Decorate Your Home Using Furoshiki How to Make a Furoshiki Bag for Your Grocery Shopping By the way, do you enjoy Japanese movies and anime? We do too! Zusetsu's Favourite Ghibli Films Zusetsu's Favourite Japanese TV Shows Zusetsu's Favourite Japanese Anime Take a look at our top picks and we would love to know your recommendations as well! :)


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