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Making Valentine Hearts

origami valentine heart and furoshiki zusetsu

I love this time of year - the snowdrops will soon be showing their pale green shoots, the little birds are hopping about in the garden, and it will soon be Valentine's Day!

So, what could be more cute than making a pair of Valentine's hearts for you and your loved one!

Our origami hearts are made using our beautiful medium-size (12cm x 12cm) chiyogami papers. You can find them in-store - they have beautiful accents of gold colour that lifts the design and makes it extra special!

origami valentine heart zusetsu furoshiki primrose

We can make these little paper decorations for you, and you can find them in our Zusetsu store, too - but why not try making them yourself?

Here, we are using our medium 12cm chiyogami, but you could scale the same design up or down and make your Valentine hearts small or large. We love how this method creates a heart that is a solid, tactile little piece that doesn't come undone!

Using our medium papers the finished heart is 53mm high x 61mm wide approx - it fits in the palm of your hand.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

1. Place your origami paper on the table.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

2. Turn the paper to the reverse side.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

3. Fold the paper in half lengthways, like this.

4. Fold the paper in half widthways like this.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

5. Now, fold the bottom edge of your paper up to the halfway line, and crease.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

6. Then, turn your paper over.

From the midway point along the bottom edge, fold the bottom right-hand corner up to the centre line, like this.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

7. Then repeat on the other side.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

8. Now, turn the paper over.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

9. Fold the right edge so that the top edges meet, and the other edge lies on the centre line.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

10. Repeat with the left side.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

11. Now, fold in the top corners to the centre line.

First fold the right corner.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

12. And then fold the left corner.

Your paper shape will look like this!

origami christmas tree zusetsu

13. Next you need to pick up the top point, and fold it neatly so that it slides into the pocket underneath, like this.

You can then gently press those two upper shapes so that they flatten out.

See the two photos below for more detail!

origami christmas tree zusetsu

15. Here the top point is rolling over and sliding into the pocket.

Gently push it so that it fits inside neatly.

16. Flatten out the raised paper shapes (see top of heart), and fold in the top right corner.

origami christmas tree zusetsu

17. Repeat on the left.

And lastly, fold over the very top points of the two sides of the heart to create a rounded shape. It should look like this!

This is the reverse side.

And this is how your Valentine heart will look on the right side!

origami christmas tree zusetsu

You can create these Valentine's hearts in different patterns of chiyogami for a wonderful effect!

But, if you would prefer to have your Valentine hearts ready made, we are offering them for sale in little packs of 2! One for your loved one and one for you!

You can buy them here!

Thank you for reading!

Cathy x


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