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紙風船 kamifūsen: Japanese paper balloons from Kyoto


In Japan, the word for frog is 蛙 (kaeru), which sounds just like the word for 'return'. So these little creatures have become symbols of returning good fortune.


Ingenious Kyoto paper designers Rokuhichido have made this cute character into a paper balloon - a kamifūsen.


Simply inflate the paper balloon by blowing into it, then complete the inflation by patting it into the air with your hand - the physics behind this actually draws air into the balloon to complete its inflation! It's a fun game too!


This is a simple Japanese toy made of paper pasted together. We recommend hanging it up and displaying it (there is no string attached). It's also a cute small gift!


*Not suitable for babies and small children under 3*

Japanese paper balloon - frog

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  • Created using Awa washi paper for eyes, front legs, and hind legs. 

    Body size is approximately 140mm in diameter

    Made in Japan