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Kyoto Kyo-karakami Postcard - Plum Blossom


We are thrilled to offer Kyo-karakami Postcards in our Zusetsu store!


Our postcards are small, beautiful samples of an immense Kyoto tradition of fusuma sliding door decoration, which was very popular in the Heian era.


The beauty of the decoration, brought out by glistening seashell mica, has passed through the centuries amongst the tea houses and villas of nobles, samurai warriors, and tea ceremony masters.


Maruni, in Kyoto, continue this tradition, using original printing blocks from the Tempo era(1830-1844).


Our postcards show a small detail of this fascinating art.


Plum Blossom is a pink card with a glistening plum blossom design printed by hand.

Dimensions : 100 x 147 mm approximately

Card weight: 10g

Made in Kyoto

Kyoto Kyo-karakami Postcard - Plum Blossom

  • We use Royal Mail First Class Standard Delivery. If returning your items, please use the same service if possible, thank you. Please attach the enclosed Returns Address label to the front of your re-sealed box packaging. Please return items unopened, unused and in good condition. Thank you.

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