The Modern Girl Furoshiki Kit with Ring Handles: This beautifully designed furoshiki folds and ties simply and in moments, to become a stylish and pretty bag with a unique Kyoto look. Simple instructions are included in the neat packaging.


The medium-size furoshiki also creates a beautiful gift-wrapping.


Every order receives a furoshiki booklet that offers clear diagrams to show how to make several styles of furoshiki gift-wrapping and furoshiki bags. 


Take a look at our Furoshiki Tutorials here to see lots of videos, helpful diagrams and ideas for how to wrap furoshiki. It's easier than you think!


Email me before you order if you would like me to make up this furoshiki bag for you!

Modern Girl Furoshiki Bag Kit with Ring Handles - Dot / Beige

SKU: 20445-207
  • Dimensions:

    Furoshiki 70 x 70 cm (27.6″ x 27.6″). 

    Bag Rings - diameter 13 cm (5.2″).

    Weight : 171 g.

    Material: Furoshiki - 100% cotton. Bag Rings-Plastics.

    Furoshiki - Made in Japan. Bag Rings - Made in China.