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Mount Fuji


We thought it would be fun to offer you packs of 2 ready-made origami models of Mount Fuji!


We have made them using our beautiful packs of Large Chiyogami from Japan.


We will use random colour papers for your Fuji-sans. Our Chiyogami papers are beautiful and come in many nice patterns. 


The base of each Fuji-san is approximately 4cm square.

Each Fuji-san is approximately 3.5cm high.


This truly beautiful paper is a joy to create origami with!


Traditionally, chiyogami patterns were hand-stencilled or silk-screened in small studios. The designs are inspired by kimono patterns, and most of the papers shimmer with gold.


The name chiyogami comes from the word chiyo meaning 'one thousand generations', and the word kami meaning 'paper'.


If you prefer, you can choose from our range of origami in-store and create these origami models yourself!

We use our 15cm square papers to make them :)

Take a look at our easy-to-follow blog: Making Fuji-san Origami.

Origami Mount Fuji

  • We use Royal Mail First Class Standard Delivery. If returning your items, please use the same service if possible, thank you. Please return items unopened, unused and in good condition. Thank you.

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