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Lily Luxury Japanese Tote Bag


This is a thoughtfully designed and spacious bag that can hold your laptop, your favourite books, your purse, your phone, your keys, and a water bottle. The size has been designed to enable you to put A4 files and notebooks sideways.


This bag is created by a long-established Kyoto fabric printing shop. This gorgeous design has been recreated from a company archive of hand-drawn kimono patterns, and redrawn digitally with a big pop of beautiful colour!


The design is the same but positioned slightly differently on each of the two sides, meaning that you wear the side outermost that matches how you feel!


The stunning designs are printed onto a special canvas fabric that is durable and light.


There are two spacious single-sided fabric pockets inside the bag which are finished with the Ino-kichi label. They help to make your items easy to organize – the pockets are a great place to keep your phone and your purse so that you can reach them easily!


There is a handy D-ring attached to the inside of the bag with a little strap of matching lining fabric which is perfect to attach your keys.


The bag is opened and closed at the top with a magnet button so that your contents can be easily taken in and out.


The soft brown katsuragi cotton lining contrasts beautifully with the outside printed canvas design.


The brown synthetic leather handle contrasts beautifully with the bag and is long enough (60cm) to hang comfortably from your shoulder.


This tote bag has a structure that does not easily lose its shape.


This gorgeous tote bag is a stunning piece of beautiful Kyoto design and a joy to take with you wherever your day takes you! 


You can read more about Ino-kichi and their amazing creative processes here!


Lily Luxury Japanese Tote Bag

SKU: TB1601820

    • Dimensions: 
    • Bag Width: Approximately 40 cm
    • Bag Height: Approximately 28 cm
    • Bag Base: Approximately 12 cm
    • Bag Handle Width: Approximately 2 cm
    • Bag Handle Overall Length: Approximately 60 cm 
    • Weight : Approximately 270g
    • Material :
    • Bag outer fabric: 100% cotton (canvas)
    • Bag lining: 100% cotton (katsuragi)
    • Bag handle: Synthetic leather
    • Made in Japan

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