Welcome to Zusetsu

Welcome to Zusetsu, your online store for quality furoshiki from Kyoto, Japan. Here you will find lots of help and ideas for creating your own beautiful gift-wrapping and furoshiki bags.

Traditional, quality furoshiki from Kyoto for an environmentally conscious lifestyle

Contemporary furoshiki knot-wraps evolved from the textiles that carefully wrapped the treasures of the Imperial family, just outside Kyoto. Now you can create these wonderful styles, and be a part of an on-trend movement that is choosing sustainability and reusability over disposable paper and plastics.

To complement our growing range of furoshiki, we have more pretty gifts from the elegant city of Kyoto that are created using skills passed down through generations: beautiful brocade purses that use the weaving skills of Nishijin-ori, and deep-dyed washi paper gifts inspired by kimono patterns.

We're excited to have added to our collection of screenprinted textiles with a small range of beautiful tenugui wall-hangings, from Yokohama, which is just south of Tokyo!

Why not choose a gift that is elegant and unique!

‘Even though the object to be wrapped may be no more than a small confection, someone who truly wants to please, who wants it to taste even more delicious, will go to great trouble to wrap it carefully by hand…This is something the human hand must do, and only loving care enables us to perform such troublesome manual tasks to the very end.’

(Kunio Ekiguchi)

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Meet the Zusetsu team! You can discover more about our journey on our About page!

Every furoshiki order receives a free illustrated booklet which has lots of easy-to-follow diagrams to get you started furoshiki wrapping.

We have amazing furoshiki wrapping ideas to inspire you here on our Zusetsu website. Also, check out our Furoshiki Tutorials page - here you'll find videos and diagrams to help you create gorgeous furoshiki gift-wrapping, bottle wraps, and bags!

Do contact us if you would like us to send your gift directly to your loved one! We have beautiful postcards on which we can hand-write your message for you! <3


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