Christmas presents wrapped in Zusetsu furoshiki
 The UK's largest supplier of authentic Japanese furoshiki 
Zusetsu snowflower furoshiki in Christmas setting

 Christmas Furoshiki 

Eco-friendly Japanese Gift-wrapping

Get ready for Christmas with our wide range of authentic, quality furoshiki from Kyoto, Japan!

christmas figure holding a furoshiki
 Quality Gifts from Japan in the Cotswolds, UK 
Christmas fairy holding a furoshiki present

 Welcome to Zusetsu 

Start your furoshiki-wrapping journey with us

Want to start using furoshiki, but don't know how? Don't worry, we've got you covered!
Check out our Furoshiki Tutorials to get started.

christmas robins with furoshiki on christmas tree
cathy & yukki furoshiki workshop at the Ned in London
Christmas fairy holding a furoshiki present

Zusetsu is your online store for authentic furoshiki from Kyoto, Japan in the UK. Our beautifully designed furoshiki create exquisite gift wrapping and furoshiki bags, which are an attractive alternative to single use paper and plastic. We also have a wide range of other quality Japanese gifts including tenugui, origami, luxury bags, washi trays and other komono (small gifts).