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Corporate Furoshiki Gift-wrapping Events

furoshiki-wrapped gifts on a table

Updated March 2024

I learned my authentic furoshiki gift-wrapping skills in Kyoto, the area where furoshiki originated over a thousand years ago.

I love to share my furoshiki skills, and I have lots of experience hosting different kinds of furoshiki gift-wrapping events:

  • 2 luxury store events in Berlin and Hamburg furoshiki gift-wrapping customer purchases, creating product displays, and furoshiki wrapping demonstrations + the sourcing and supplying of logo-printed furoshiki

  • 2-day flagship Edinburgh store furoshiki wrapping of special brand-launch gifts and in-store customer purchases + the sourcing and supplying of furoshiki from Japan

  • Furoshiki gift-wrapping for a client of a London PR company + the sourcing and supplying of furoshiki from Japan

  • Rolling in-store furoshiki gift-wrapping workshops with customers

  • 3 x 1-hour workshops for furoshiki and tenugui gift-wrapping in-store across 2 days

  • Teaching in-store staff how to wrap purchases elegantly in Kyoto-style furoshiki gift-wrapping

  • On-counter furoshiki gift-wrapping in London luxury stores

  • 3-day Christmas corporate drop-in furoshiki gift-wrapping events

  • Global employee participation in our online Christmas corporate furoshiki gift-wrapping event

  • Team-bonding in-person furoshiki gift-wrapping corporate lunchtime workshop

  • Furoshiki gift-wrapping demonstrations at Christmas and Wedding fayres

  • Luxury hotel Members Club furoshiki workshops

We are always open to all of your ideas and we are keen to make your corporate and in-store events a great success! Our events are fun and informative – our guests are delighted with their new furoshiki skills – and we always have wonderful feedback!

  • We can supply furoshiki materials and boxes for guests to wrap with (but guests do not take these home)

  • We can supply furoshiki for guests to keep, and also our Furoshiki Handbook so that guests can continue wrapping after the event!

We would love to share a little more about some of these events with you to give you an idea of what we can do!


Shiseido In-store Furoshiki Gift-wrapping for Mother's Day

I was delighted to be invited back by the wonderful Shiseido team to spend a day at Harrods and a day at John Lewis Oxford Street furoshiki gift-wrapping gift-sets and displays for the stunning Shiseido products.

Our authentic Kyoto furoshiki gift-wrapping is the perfect wrapping for these high-quality products, steeped as they are in Japanese tradition and excellence.

Furoshiki originated over a thousand years ago, wrapping the treasures of the emperor.

For Mother's Day our furoshiki Large Rose Wraps looked beautiful on the display stand, and many customers bought them! We teamed them with a fluted wrap for the smaller gift-sets, and made cute furoshiki bags for smaller, loose items such as make-up.

It was a fantastic two days, and I love working with the Shiseido team!


Top London PR Company

I had a great day at the London office of a top PR company, wrapping lots of gift bottles in Sakura Pink Organic Cotton for one of their clients!

I wrapped them in a special furoshiki style, where the top of the furoshiki was fluted like a flower around the bottle cap, so that you could see the client's company name.

They looked stunning!

We sourced the furoshiki and ordered them from Japan, and they arrived super fast!

If you have corporate gifts that you would like elegantly gift-wrapped in the authentic Kyoto wrapping style, get in touch!

We can source logo-printed furoshiki too - email us and we can discuss your best options!


Shiseido Christmas Furoshiki Gift-wrapping

Shiseido counter furoshiki gift-wrapping

Following on from the summer Beauty Conference, I was excited to spend two days on-counter furoshiki gift-wrapping ready-to-buy gifts and purchases for customers at John Lewis, Oxford Street, London, and luxury store Harrods.

The furoshiki-wrapped gift-boxes for Christmas made a beautiful display, and many customers bought them!

I had the most fantastic time - the staff were truly wonderful. I would love to visit them again!

I also had a wonderful time visiting Shiseido HQ for a Christmas party furoshiki gift-wrapping workshop! Everyone's furoshiki wrapping was truly beautiful!


Johnnie Walker Edinburgh Brand Launch 2023

I was invited to the VIP brand launch of the new Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Blue Label Umami whisky at the Princes Street store in Edinburgh, to wrap special gifts and purchases in our beautiful blue furoshiki from Kyoto!

Umami is a collaboration between Master Blender Emma Walker and Japanese Chef Kei Kobayashi.

Our live furoshiki gift-wrapping and personalised Japanese calligraphy with Tomoko added a lot of interest to the incredibly dynamic store displays!

It was the most exciting two days meeting the most wonderful people. We received many kind comments about our stunning furoshiki gift and bottle wrapping!

For this event we sourced and supplied all of our elegant furoshiki materials from Japan.

Johnnie Walker furoshiki

Johnnie Walker Berlin and Hamburg 2023

Johnnie Walker furoshiki

Following the Edinburgh event I was invited to bring furoshiki gift-wrapping to the Johnnie Walker sections of the luxury department stores KaDeWe in Berlin and the Alsterhaus in Hamburg, across two days.

On the luxury food and drink floor of each of the fine stores, I gift-wrapped customer purchases of Johnnie Walker Umami whisky.

I also demonstrated furoshiki gift-wrapping on the Johnnie Walker stands, and I created eye-catching furoshiki gift-wrapping displays, alongside the customer tastings.

For these events we sourced brand logo-printed furoshiki - many people commented on how beautiful they were - they looked stunning!

furoshiki-wrapped whisky cases

We have a lot of experience hosting furoshiki gift-wrapping events for large corporations.

We host:

  • office-based workshops for employees

  • in-store workshops for customers

  • in-store gift-wrapping

  • online workshops for global companies

  • furoshiki gift-wrapping demonstrations

  • furoshiki store displays.

Please contact us if we can help you with your upcoming event!


Shiseido Beauty Conference 2023

shiseido event with furoshiki

I had a fantastic time at the Shiseido Beauty Conference in Covent Garden, London!

I demonstrated and taught staff how to create beautiful Kyoto furoshiki gift-wrapping for customers who purchase their wonderful Christmas gift sets.

The display demonstrates the many different styles of furoshiki gift-wrapping that can be chosen to wrap with.

I like to give a short introduction to the history of furoshiki so that there is some context for this beautiful Japanese wrapping cloth.

Staff gathered around the table to watch my furoshiki gift-wrapping, then went back to their stations to recreate each wrap.

Everyone was brilliant at furoshiki gift-wrapping! And I loved how they cheered when I suggested making another wrap!

Thank you for the Shiseido event photos


Corporate Christmas Furoshiki Gift-wrapping Events

Christmas furoshiki gift-wrapping event

Large International Tech Company

In the busy run-up to Christmas I hosted a corporate Christmas furoshiki gift-wrapping event for a large international tech company that ran across three days. The company has three large offices in London, and organised a rotation of Christmas events for hard-working employees. Consequently our furoshiki gift-wrapping was set up as a drop-in event, where guests could drop by for as little or as long as they liked within their busy schedules!

We supplied all of the materials for guests to try Christmas furoshiki gift-wrapping!


I hosted an online furoshiki gift-wrapping event for PayPal who are based in California. Employees joined in from around the world using their own materials and items to gift-wrap.

We had about an hour and a quarter of Christmas furoshiki fun, and afterwards we shipped gift furoshiki to California for all of the attendees.

UK-based Japanese Company

I had a wonderful time hosting a lunchtime in-office furoshiki gift-wrapping workshop for a UK-based Japanese company, who received our Zusetsu Yuzu furoshiki to learn with and keep.

Our workshops are a lot of fun, and guests are always really good at wrapping with furoshiki!


In-store Furoshiki Wrapping Workshops for Customers

Snow Peak St James Store, London

I was invited to bring furoshiki and tenugui gift-wrapping workshops to the beautiful Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak, at their store in the heart of central London.

I ran several workshops across 2 days, and all of the attendees were given a free tenugui which we practised wrapping with!

We were happily supplied with hot drinks from the Snow Peak bar, which created a lovely vibe for us to chat together afterwards.

Thank you Snow Peak! It was fantastic!


Uniqlo, Oxford Street, London

I had such a fantastic day at the flagship Uniqlo store in Oxford Street, London!

I was invited by Uniqlo to host short 30-minute furoshiki workshops throughout the Christmas shopping afternoon. This was the first Saturday in December, and so it was peak shopping time and extremely busy!

furoshiki workshop poster in Uniqlo store

Our workshops were sold out, and everyone who attended quickly learned how to make beautiful furoshiki gift-wraps for their Christmas gifts. You can see in the photos above just how elegant their furoshiki wrapping was!

We have lots of styles of furoshiki wraps, and I think the best way to teach our guests is to make the particular style of wrapping first and then collapse it, and then to begin again with everyone following the steps.

I'm always happy to go over the steps as many times as is needed, because I'm very keen for everyone to leave my workshops confident in their furoshiki wrapping skills, and keen to incorporate eco-friendly furoshiki into their daily life.

I taught many styles of furoshiki-wrapping: you can see in the photos our beautiful futatsu wrap for bundles of clothes, ribbon-wrapped boxes, and my favourite: flower wrap.

You can discover how to make all of these furoshiki wrap styles in our growing library of Furoshiki Tutorials!

furoshiki workshop

I learned my furoshiki-wrapping skills in Kyoto, the area where furoshiki originated over a thousand years ago.

We're honoured that this is the city where our own Zusetsu-brand furoshiki are traditionally made :)

During our workshops I love being able to chat a little about the history of furoshiki wrapping, describing how it began in the 8th century Nara Imperial court, and continued once the court moved to Kyoto - how wrapping cloths wrapped the costly many-layered robes of the courtiers when they travelled on pilgrimage.

On the day we offered drop-in furoshiki-wrapping sessions at Uniqlo too, as we had lots of interested people watching us as we wrapped!

And it was fun at the end of the day, to stand near the ground-floor entrance and furoshiki wrap display boxes, engaging with customers who told me how much they love furoshiki!

Thank you to Uniqlo - I thoroughly enjoyed my day - it was lovely meeting you all!

Regents Street angel Christmas lights


Pop-up Store Furoshiki Gift-wrapping Workshops for Shiseido's Anniversary Celebration in Covent Garden, London

shiseido pop up store

Shiseido celebrated their 150th anniversary with a glamorous pop-up store in London's elegant Covent Garden.

The event incorporated a series of Masterclasses including two of our very own one hour furoshiki workshops!

shiseido pop up store

The classes were tremendous fun, full of enthusiastic and delighted guests. I was able to help them learn how to wrap several styles of furoshiki gift-wrapping and furoshiki bags. They picked up the skills so quickly I was also able to help them learn how to make our most elaborate furoshiki bottle wrap, too!

Our guests were so wonderful, they were even furoshiki wrapping the furoshiki wrapped bottle that was their gift to take home!

We love to supply furoshiki gift-wrapping for your guests as gifts to remember your special event, and we would love to help you with your enquiry.

Thank you to Jasmine and all of the organizers who were so friendly and fantastic to be with on the day :)


Luxury Hotel Christmas Furoshiki Wrapping Event

furoshiki workshop at a luxury hotel

We were delighted to host a Furoshiki Gift-wrapping event at The Ned, the 5-star hotel located in the heart of The City of London.

Surrounded by the glittering boxes of the old bank vault, in a side room off the Member's Bar, we used our pearlescent Seven Treasures furoshiki and our Diagonal Bicolour Red furoshiki to capture the glow of the lamps and the silvery light of the walls.

furoshiki workshop at The Ned hotel

It was a wonderfully relaxed event, with skillful guests creating beautiful wraps including our furoshiki bottle wraps!


Cotswold Christmas Fair Demonstration

table display of furoshiki-wrapped gifts

At the highly-anticipated annual Christmas Fair located in two marquees at Daylesford in the Cotswolds, I gave a short presentation on the history of furoshiki, followed by a demonstration of many furoshiki wrapping styles.

We had a wonderful display of ready-wrapped gifts which I individually collapsed and re-wrapped, explaining the method to the enthusiastic audience as I went along!

I demonstrated how to make reusable furoshiki bags too.

It was a highly enjoyable event, and I'm delighted to have been invited back!


Furoshiki Gift-wrapping Events

furoshiki-wrapped Christmas gifts

If you would like us to engage your in-store customers or work-place colleagues with our beautiful furoshiki-wrapping skills, please contact Cathy. We are experienced at in-person and online events, and are keen to adapt to the flow of your event, and to adapt our workshops to the time you have available.

We can offer short drop-in workshops or workshops that last up to two hours, for your festival, corporate event, or shop! We love demonstrating and talking about furoshiki wrapping culture in Japan as well.

We can supply furoshiki wrapping cloths for your event and also our own Zusetsu Furoshiki Handbooks - together these provide the opportunity after the workshop to continue to enjoy furoshiki wrapping :)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon,

Cathy and Yukki


Cathy and Yukki with furoshiki

Yukki and Cathy


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