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Kyoto in January

Kyoto plum blossom Japan furoshiki knot wrap wrapping cloth

Kyoto is a wonderful city in any season. In cold and bright January, fragrant plum blossom is beginning to flower in the temple gardens. There is snow on the mountains that ring the city.

I visited for ten days in order to meet with manufacturers and designers, and to source the products that I think you will like. Kyoto is home to many highly skilled artisans, and a thriving textile industry.

Furoshiki were historically the wrapping cloths for clothes that people took with them to the public bath-houses. The tradition has evolved into the highly popular, contemporary furoshiki designs that are created today.

At the Marumasa Nishimuraya workshop, housed in a beautiful old machiya, I learned how to fold and tie furoshiki.

It’s an elegant skill, that I would like to share with you too!


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