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Let's Make Furoshiki Wraps and Bags for Easter!

furoshiki bag with cherry blossom

Spring is on its way, and here in the Cotswolds there will soon be lambs in the fields and blossom on the trees!

It will be soon be Easter too, so let's take a look at some furoshiki wraps that are perfect for your Easter Egg gifts!

What could be better, as it's the Year of the Rabbit, than starting with our two bunny wraps!

How to make a Bunny Ears Furoshiki Wrap!

furoshiki wrap and origami bunnies

It prettily wraps an Easter Egg with two bunny ears protruding upwards. It is such a cute furoshiki style, and it is very easy to make!

Here is a video to show you how:

And here is an illustration to help you too:

furoshiki instructions

We stock very cute puppy and cat furoshiki in-store too - when you wrap them in this cute 'bunny ears' style, they look like they have ears!

furoshiki puppy

This is our kawaii puppy furoshiki. Each face of the wrapped box has a different puppy face on it - it's super cute!

furoshiki cat

And this is the cat version of this cute pet furoshiki. Just like the puppy one, when you turn the wrapped box around, each side has a different cat face on it!

(This photo shows the furoshiki wrapped in our Simple Wrap style, but it looks very cute with the ''bunny ears' wrap too!)


How to make a Bunny Furoshiki Wrap!

furoshiki bunny wrap

Snowflower furoshiki made in Kyoto

What could be more perfect that to wrap your Easter gifts with our cute Bunny Wrap!

As you can see in the photo, the furoshiki is folded and tied to create the head of a bunny on top of your gift, and it is secured with a knot under his chin that looks like a cute bow tie!

It's so simple to make, so why not give it a try!

Here's a video to show you how it's done (sorry the music isn't more seasonal!):

Here's an illustration to help you on your way, too:

furoshiki instructions

Don't forget, your gift can be a box-shape too for this style of wrap. Just try and tie the first know that makes the bunny head as close to the top of the box as you can, and then tweak out those bunny ears!

Your present will look adorable!


How to make a Easter Egg Hunt Furoshiki Bag!

furoshiki bag for Easter egg hunts

Our furoshiki ring bags are perfect for carrying on your Easter Egg hunts!

Your chocolate eggs and bunnies will look so cute popping out of the top of the bag!

Our furoshiki ring bags come in Modern Girl kits, or you can choose any of our Medium size furoshiki and match them with a pair of Bamboo Handles to create your bag!

Here is a video showing Cathy making up her furoshiki ring bag!

Below is our illustration which shows the basic steps to making up your bag!

If this is your first time wrapping with furoshiki, a handy tip is to practice with an old pillow case cut to roughly 70cm square.

You'll find with a little practice you'll soon get the hang of how to make it! Just concentrate on making that front knot neat and pretty, and you'll be good to go Easter Egg hunting in moments!

furoshiki ring bag instructions


How to make an Easter Egg Wrap!

Easter furoshiki gifts

Once you learn a few furoshiki gift-wrapping techniques you can mix and match them, and get creative!

For our Easter Egg furoshiki wrap, all I did was adapt our Fluted Bottle Wrap technique to the round shape of the egg!

You need to use a furoshiki that will be a good fit for your wrapping. For wrapping a standard size wine bottle I would use a larger furoshiki, but for this Easter Egg I was able to use our 50cm Organic Japanese Apricot in Orange furoshiki. (If you need help with sizing for your furoshiki, just get in touch!)

Here is a video showing how to make the Fluted Bottle Wrap.

All you need to do, is place your Easter Egg where the bottle is, and wrap it in the same way!

Here's an illustration to show you the way, too.

furoshiki instructions

Your Easter Eggs will look so beautiful, and will be a delight to receive and unwrap!


Let's make an origami bunny!

origami bunnies in a yuzu cup

We love making origami - it's fun and relaxing, and it's creative and intriguing!

There are some fantastic instructional videos on YouTube. Origami Ako is brilliant - you'll be making all sorts of cute characters before you know it. We also love Kamikey Origami and My Origami Land!

And look no further for your origami supplies as we have lots of beautiful brands and designs of Japanese origami instore, including our truly beautiful new Kyoto Yuzen origami!

I decided to make some origami bunnies - and here is how I got on!

origami bunnies in a yuzu cup

You can make these Easter bunnies too by following the link to Origami Ako's amazing Youtube channel!

They're so much fun to make! :)


cat furoshiki for Easter

We hope you have found this useful! You can find lots more styles of furoshiki wrapping and bags on our Furoshiki Tutorials, so do take a look!

And do send us photos of your Easter furoshiki bunny wraps -

we would love to see them!

Don't forget, we're always keen to help, so if you would like us to make up your furoshiki for you

just get in touch! :)

We love wrapping gifts in furoshiki for weddings and birthdays and all your special occasions!

We wish you a very Happy Easter!

See you next time,

Cathy and Yukki


cherry blossom


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