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New Spring Tenugui!

a tenugui print of songbirds and sakura

Spilling Sakura Tenugui

Spring is in the air, and Yukki and I are so excited to show you our new tenugui for our Spring Collection 2022!

We always decide on our new prints together, and for hanami season we've chosen uplifting designs that will bring a gentle colour into your home or workspace.

Our first tenugui, in the photo above, has a lovely blush background of lilac and soft blues, with branches bursting with cherry blossom cascading down the artwork. Two little songbirds complete the perfect expression of hanami, the beloved season in Japan of cherry blossom viewing.

a tenugui print with cherry blossom

Ohanami Sanpo Tenugui

We adore this pretty print! A white cat and a cute kitten go for a playful stroll across a traditional arched Japanese bridge under the fleeting beauty of the sakura!

I love the rich blues in this illustration - and the way that the pink and white cherry blossoms fall so perfectly :)

a tenugui print with flowers

Water Ripples and Green Tenugui

If you've ever been to Japan in the summer you will remember the intense heat, and the sound of the cicadas! The gardens are carefully designed to cool in the summer, offering water features, and so this design of a swirling blue stream beneath the bright green of fresh starry acer leaves captures the restful shade perfectly!

a tenugui print in a frame

Satsukigoi Tenugui

We couldn't resist a new koinoburi tenugui, as our design last year was so popular! These magnificent kites are flown outside homes on Children's Day, and iris are an important part of the festival. You can read all about it in our blog called Children's Day, Koinoburi, and the Iris!

tenugui prints on a table

Our beautiful tenugui are made in Yokohama which has a long-established reputation for excellence in textile dyeing. The tenugui are skillfully screen-printed by hand.

tenugui prints on a table

With their attractive and eco-sensitive paper bands, our tenugui make wonderful gifts, especially if they are teamed with our Zusetsu Tenugui Wall-hanging Kits!

Take a look at our beautiful range of tenugui for Spring. Our designs are full of the beauty of nature: birds and flowers, temples and Fuji-san. Which one is your favourite?

cherry blossom branch

We hope you have a wonderful hanami with your loved ones this cherry blossom season!

Cathy and Yukki


cherry blossom branch

cherry blossom branch

cherry blossom drawing

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