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Zusetsu's Christmas Traditions!

Who else is excited for a full-on, proper Christmas this year?? We don't care if we're early, the Zusetsu Team is already in the Christmas spirit!!✨

Zusetsu Furoshiki Team

As a family-run business, we at Zusetsu have a few Christmas traditions that we look forward to each year. So, we're kick-starting the jolly time of year by sharing a few of our annual family rituals! We're curious to learn about your Christmas traditions too! 🎄


1. Christmas Decorations

Zusetsu furoshiki Christmas

When you buy the tree, it's a sure sign that Christmas is just around the corner. We buy the Christmas tree specifically on December 12th (the twelfth of the twelfth, Cathy's wedding anniversary 🥰).

Once the tree is up, it's time for all the festive decorations! Instead of using un-recyclable gift-wrapping, we use a traditional Japanese re-usable fabric called furoshiki to beautifully wrap our Christmas presents. Each year, we dive into our big box of furoshiki to wrap our various presents.

Zusetsu Furoshiki Christmas

It looks like Panda is tying a furoshiki knot! :)

Last year, one of our customers bought a set of furoshiki for each of his family members so that they can keep re-using the furoshiki each Christmas and continue passing down the precious fabric as a piece of their family heritage - we were so chuffed when he shared the story with us! ❤️

Zusetsu furoshiki Christmas

In this Christmas photo from a few years ago, we are using furoshiki passed down from Yukki's family!

You can check our furoshiki online store and our furoshiki tutorials to find and use a wide range of quality furoshiki to complete your memorable gift to a special someone x

You can also learn more about the eco-friendly nature of furoshiki gift-wrapping from our previous blog post!


2. Christmas Eve

Zusetsu furoshiki Christmas

Cosy time around the warm fireplace x

Christmas Eve is a magical time. We play a lot of fun games, watch TV and get comfortable around the fireplace in the living room.

'The Snowman' is a movie that truly means a lot to us! Every Christmas Eve, the final thing we do before heading to bed is watch this classic British animation. We don't want to give away any spoilers, but at a specific point we all get up from the sofa and merrily dance around the living room :)

We came across a snowman in real life last year too :)


3. Christmas Day

Furoshiki-wrapped Christmas gifts

Furoshiki-wrapped Christmas gifts looking so colourful under the Christmas tree!

Christmas Day is finally here! The first thing we do of course is gather around the Christmas tree and unwrap our furoshiki-wrapped Christmas presents. It is such a joy to un-wrap the furoshiki when they are wrapped very beautifully in all sorts of furoshiki-wrapping styles!

We then of course have our Christmas meal and we eat A LOT! In previous years we have been ambitious with our Christmas desserts inspired by The Great British Bake Off, one of our favourite British TV series. Several years ago we challenged ourselves to make a croquembouche which was a mighty challenge! Another year we made furoshiki Christmas cookies 🍪

After stuffing ourselves until we burst, we then tend to just spend a whole day of lazying around indoors for a few days. We play a lot of games such as jenga, card games and Mario Kart. We also re-watch a lot of our favourite films, including Ghibli. Once we muster up the will to move, we may go for a post-Christmas walk nearby.


Do you have any Christmas traditions?

We hope you enjoyed some of Zusetsu's Christmas traditions! Do you have any traditions for this festive season? If so, we would love to know!

Merry Christmas from the Zusetsu Team x


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