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Summer Furoshiki Ring Bags!

furoshiki ring bag in a cherry tree

Zusetsu Yuzu

It's the most beautiful time of the year, and we're celebrating the Spring flowers and the brighter days with our gorgeous furoshiki ring bags!

We're very excited because we have a special new addition medium-size furoshiki arriving any day - our new Zusetsu designed Yuzu furoshiki (which you can see in the photo above), which is made near Nijo Castle in Kyoto :)

furoshiki ring bag in a cherry tree

Dot furoshiki

Our collection of stunning 70cm furoshiki designs, together with our sets of bamboo handles create the perfect summer bag. You can mix and match your bags the more furoshiki that you have!

furoshiki ring bag in the blossom

Meadow Flowers Vivid Blue and Orange

Spanish Vogue has already caught on to the beauty of furoshiki ring bags.

furoshiki ring bag in the blossom


We love them as light party bags.

furoshiki ring bag in a cherry tree

We love Konpeitou as a pretty confetti furoshiki ring bag!

And they are absolutely perfect as pretty confetti bags for your wedding bridesmaids and flowergirls!

bridesmaid holding a confetti ring bag

We offer made-up furoshiki as confetti ring bags, wedding table favours, bridal party gifts, and hotel guest hamper wraps.

furoshiki wedding table favours

If you are interested to see more of our Wedding Services, check out our recent blog Wedding furoshiki: Zusetsu at Clevedon Hall!

furoshiki ring bag on a branch

Meadow Flowers Bright Pink and Yellow

Furoshiki ring bags are easy to make. You can find out how on our Furoshiki Tutorials page, here! Here you'll be able to follow both our illustrated diagrams and our handy video!

furoshiki ring bag on a branch

Mini Bouquet Gray

Just take a look at our Medium (70cm) Furoshiki tab here and choose your favourite designs!

Then team it with a set of our Bamboo Handles here!

furoshiki ring bag

Mini Bouquet Red

So, whichever events are coming your way, we will have a Furoshiki Ring Bag to pretty up your day!

holding a furoshiki ring bag

Sky Blue Camellia

We hope you are enjoying the spring

flowers and have enjoyed looking at our pretty pictures!

Thank you for reading, and see you next time!

Cathy and Yukki


white cherry trees in bloom

Our beloved Cotswold cherry orchard!


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