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Zusetsu - An English company passionate about contemporary textiles originating from the traditional, creative heritage of Kyoto.

Registered office address: Zusetsu Ltd., Castle Nurseries, Chipping Campden, Glos., GL55 6JT United Kingdom

Company Number: 11806597. VAT Number: GB 315 9298 79. Copyright Zusetsu Ltd., 2019.

The Cohare Water-repellent Furoshiki in Hummingbird Green:


The inspiration for this design comes from a lovely old Japanese story: When a forest fire occurred, the hummingbird carried each drop of water.

The other animals which were escaping from the forest said, “what is the point?”
The hummingbird replied to them, 'I’m doing the only thing I can do.' Many people are moved by importance of this small power, and it's said that the “drop” which was made first was the trigger for everything which followed.
The ivy in the design represents a strong life force and when combined with a hummingbird it becomes a lucky design.


The AQUA DROP is a convenient, outdoor and rainy day furoshiki which has a water repellent surface. It can be folded and tied in the same way as uncoated furoshiki, to make a variety of convenient bags. It will also cover a shopping basket attractively.


There are, however, limitless ways to use beautiful furoshiki - this large water-repellent size can be a table covering, especially useful for children's craft sessions. It would be useful as seating at a picnic or outdoor concert. The uses are as broad as your imagination! 

When the water repellent effect weakens, simply apply an iron (medium temperature) and the water repellent effect will return.



100cm Cohare Water-repellent | Hummingbird Green

SKU: Code : 10232-301
    • Code : 10232-301
    • Dimensions : 100 x 100 cm (39.4″ x 39.4″).
    • Weight : 146 g.
    • Material : 100% polyester.
    • Made in Japan.